Accredited PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Level

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  • Understand the PRINCE2 method at the Practitioner Level
  • Understand how to apply the integrated elements of PRINCE2 (principles, processes, themes and tailoring) within a work environment
  • Understand the benefits and principles underlying a structured approach to project management
  • Help delegates to operate effectively with colleagues and managers within a structured project management environment


PRINCE2 (Projects in a Controlled Environment) is internationally accepted as the leading "best practice" project management approach.

The method is scalable and can be tailored to reflect any organization's existing standards, approaches and business.


  • Project Managers
  • Programme Managers
  • Team Managers and Support Staff
  • General Managers, CEOs & Stakeholders
  • Staff who will have defined role in a project
  • Project Management Consultants
  • System Analysts & Business Analysts
  • Anyone who is involves in a project
  • Anyone who intends to be a Prince2 trainer or Consultant


The style of delivery will be instructor-led with each elements of the Method and illustrating each key point with examples. Questions and discussions will be encouraged throughout the training.

A summary of how each Process operates and the linkages that exist between the PRINCE2 Themes and Processes will be presented using Process Integration Models.

  • Why use a Project Management Method?
  • Introduction to PRINCE2 – An Overview
  • Benefits of PRINCE2
  • PRINCE2 Principles
  • Terminology and Product Outlines

  • Starting Up a Project and its products
  • Mandate & Feasibility
  • Project Organization
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • CASE Study Exercise – organization

  • Project Brief
  • Project Product Descriptions
  • Business Case
  • Exercise – The Outline Business Case
  • Risk Theme
  • CASE Study Exercise – Risk Management Strategy
  • CASE Study Exercise – Complete Start Up Process

  • Examination Preparation
  • Example Foundation Examination Paper and Solution
  • Discuss & Review Sample Exam. Questions And Answers

  • Controlling a Stage (CS) Process and its products
  • Controls, Tolerance and Exception
  • Controls, Tolerance and Exception
  • Managing Product Delivery (MP) Process and its products
  • CASE Study Exercise – Accepting & Executing a Work Package

  • CASE Study Exercise – Quality Review
  • Complete Managing Product Delivery Process
  • Change Control Technique

  • CASE Study Exercise – Examining Project Issues
  • Complete Controlling a Stage Process
  • Directing a Project (DP) Process and Controls Recap
  • Closing a project (CP) Process and its products

  • Example PRINCE2 Foundation Examination
  • Mock Exam
  • Discussing & Review Sample Exam. Questions And Answers
  • Initiating a project and its products
  • Quality
  • Case Study Exercise – Project Quality Plan

  • Plans and Levels of Plans
  • Stages
  • Planning
  • Case Study Exercise – Product Base Planning
  • Complete the Planning Process

  • Setting Up Project Controls
  • Filing and Configuration Management
  • Complete Initiation Stage

  • Managing Stage Boundaries Process and its products
  • Case Study Exercise – product Descriptions
  • Complete Managing Stage Boundaries Process

  • Examination Preparation
  • Example Foundation Paper & Solution

  • Principles
  • Processes
  • Themes
  • Techniques
DAY 4- Introduction
  • Scheme & Approach
DAY 5– Project Model Walk Through
  • PRINCE2 Principles
  • PRINCE2 Themes
  • PRINCE2 Processes
  • PRINCE2 Roles
  • Tailoring PRINCE2 in a project environment
DAY 6- PRINCE2 Project Scenarios
  • Business Case
  • Organization
  • Quality In A Project Environment
  • Product Based Planning
  • Management Risk
  • CHANGE Control
  • Plans
  • Progress (Monitor & Control)

  • Practical Exercises

  • Exam Structure & Techniques
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam (2.5 Hours)