Aspect And Impact Assessment Training

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· Understand the terms and definitions in relation to aspect & impact

· Identify aspects related to their processes

· Determine significant aspects

· Understand the relation between aspects, policy, environmental legal and other requirements, objectives and operational controls.


Those who need a thorough understanding of EMS auditing, which may include:

· Executive and senior managers

· Environmental coordinators/EMS management representatives

· Business or site managers

· Quality managers/ISO 9001 management representatives


This program involves a wide range of learning approaches, including self - assessment, case studies, small group activities and discussions, interactive lectures, experimental learning group assignments and exercises and presentation and critique.

Module 1: Introduction

· Environmental aspects

· Key requirements

· Aspects (cause/input)

Module 2: Aspects And Impacts Explanation

· Environmental aspects (direct and indirect)

· Examples of aspects – land use, energy consumption, community interactions, waste, water consumption,

· Impacts (effect/output)

· Aspect and Impact Example

· Workshop: ISO 14001 requirements dependent on aspects and impacts

· Core Elements of EMS

· Examples of impact – natural resources, air, land, visual, noise, nuisance

Module 3: Steps For Identifying Significant Aspects And Impacts

· Step one: Establish a team and education

· Purpose and implication

· Step two: Identify Aspects/Impacts

· Example aspect/impact form

· Identifying aspects of activities

· Identifying aspects and impacts – normal, abnormal and emergency

· Identifying aspects and impacts – examples

· Workshop: Possible information to review to identify aspects and impacts

· Sources of information

· Workshop: Identifying aspects and impacts at selected areas

· Aspects and impacts – feedback

Module 4: Significant Aspects

· Step Three: Identify significant aspects

· Factors to consider

· Table 1: Business severity (asset)

· Table 2 Business severity (public relations)

· Table 3: Environmental severity (site)

· Table 4: Environmental severity (legal)

· Table 5 : Frequency

· Table 6: Control Mechanism

· Calculation of risk index

· Workshop: Risk index calculation

· Priority action scale

Module 5: Action After Evaluation

· Action after evaluation

· Workshop: Possible action to reduce the impact

· What should be done – reduce, reuse, donate/exchange, employee education,preventing waste, outreach program

Module 6: Updating Of Aspects And Impacts Register

· Updating of aspects and impacts register

· Workshop: Auditing the identification of aspects and impacts

· Environmental objectives and targets

· Objectives and target examples – paper & waste, subcon control, chemical, water, electricity, supplier control,

· Environmental management program