Awareness and Internal Audit of GMP Cosmetics System

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(2 Days)


· Learn how to develop and implement GMP.

· Understand the requirements of PRPs (Pre-requisite Programmes).

· Understand basic essential knowledge on GMP

· Learn how to successfully conduct an Audit on food hygiene system

· Steps involved in internal auditing, from planning the audit to creating the final report, in addition to creating an effective internal audit notification system

· Gathering information for the audit through a variety of tools.


Cosmetic manufacturing operations need to fulfill regulatory requirements related to hygiene and good manufacturing practices in order to successfully market their products as safe and quality products. Implementing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) covers the aspects involved in cosmetic manufacturing in accordance with best practices and good hygienic practices in the cosmetic industry.


This program is a must buy-in for Executives, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers, HACCP Committee Members and Personnel in Quality Assurance, Engineering, Production and Distribution.

Level for supervisor and above


This program is conducted via lecturing, discussion, workshops and on site auditing for the participants to understand and master the audit skills in an effective way.


  • Module 1: Introduction To HACCP & GMP
  • Module 2: GMP Requirements
  • Module 3: Implementing GMP
  • Module 4: Introduction To Auditing
  • Module 5: Internal Audit Cycle
  • Module 6: What Are The Interview Techniques?
  • Module 7: How To Write An Audit Report
  • Module 8: Follow Up Actions After The Audit