Basic English Communication & Competence

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It is important to be able to converse confidently and effectively in English in order to communicate with visitors, clients, superiors, subordinates and colleagues at the office. The ability to speak and write in English is essential for supervisory and managerial positions in any organization. This program teaches the participants the basics of conversational and written English communication for the workplace.

  • Gain the confidence to speak English at work
  • Learn the correct grammar and vocabulary for basic communication
  • Improve your voice and pronunciation for effective conversations
  • Speak and write well and confidently in English
  • Enhance your written communication, especially for email correspondence
  • Be immersed in English communication in order to be more fluent

All who are keen or need to improve their English Language communication skills and competency


This program will be specially delivered in a relaxed, encouraging and comfortable environment whereby the trainer will use a mixture of English and BM to explain the learning points after which all activities by the participants such as group discussions, partner role-plays and group / individual presentations will be in English.

Module 1 - Introduction to Basic English
  • Why learn to speak English?
  • Where are you at in English conversational proficiency?
  • Introducing yourself well in English
  • Learning the 10 most useful phrases in English
  • Individual speaking activities, role-plays, interactive sharing
Module 2 - Taking The Next Step
  • Brushing up on your grammar (tenses etc)
  • Using the right words for the right purposes
  • Improving your vocabulary - very useful words for the workplace
  • Speak with confidence - practice what you have learned
  • Newspaper article-related discussions, case studies, group presentations
Module 3 - Confidence, Confidence, Confidence
  • Tips on remembering what to say when speaking in English
  • Overcoming nervousness when someone speaks to you in English
  • Improving your listening skills
  • Learning to hold a proper conversation in English
  • Analysing a video clip, group discussions, fun role-plays
Module 4 - Ready For The Real World?
  • Role-plays and scenarios related to workplace incidences
  • Presenting your ideas in English
  • Dialogues and conversations with your classmates
  • Enhancing your English-speaking voice and pronunciation
  • Partner assignment in public, action plans, group presentations
Module 5 - The Written Word
  • How to use proper email titles
  • How to use effective email greetings in work situations
  • Introducing yourself: brevity vs being comprehensive
  • Email etiquette and guidelines
  • Written assignments, fun group challenges, fun newspaper article game
Module 6 - Conversing in English
  • Situations and scenarios for English conversations
  • Learning to ask better questions
  • Listening skills and effective comprehension
  • Role-plays and demonstrations
  • Body language activities, action plans, final individual presentations