Becoming An Effective Procurement Professional

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In today’s environment of global procurement, it is necessary for companies to have a strong candidate in the procurement department that has the necessary knowledge to lead and increase the effectiveness of the procurement function and add real value to the organization. Understanding the factors that impacts the organization’s bottom line-line and learning how to manage these factors efficiently and effectively will provide for a positive impact to the organization.

This program is designed to provide key knowledge that is essential to becoming an effective procurement professional.

  • Understand why procurement is important to an organization
  • Appreciate what is meant by strategic procurement
  • Learn how to develop a strategic procurement plan that adds value to the organization
  • Learn how to conduct an assessment of your current procurement function and define strategies to employ in optimizing your procurement function in terms of material spend, processes and resources
  • Understand the significance of Supplier Relationship Management and (SRM) and establish ways to measure supplier performance
  • Learn techniques in managing material cost reduction and techniques in achieving cost reduction targets
  • Understand the skills required to be a procurement leader

This program is suitable for executives and junior managers who what to enhance their understanding and skills in the procurement function. Apart from professionals in the procurement department, this program is also suitable for those in the finance, technical and other departments that also influence procurement decisions.


The training methodology will include short lectures, presentations, discussions and ideas sharing.

Module 1: The Influences That Continues To Reshape The Purchasing Function
  • Trends in business that requires significant purchasing involvement
  • How purchasing can contribute significantly to company’s bottom-line
  • Identifying tactical and strategic procurement and what is required to transform
Module 2: Assessing and Analyzing the Current Procurement Function
  • Step by step approach in developing a strategic procurement plan
  • Conducting a spend and supply position analysis
  • Assessing the risk factor in the current supply market
  • Conducting a supply market research
  • The assessment of procurement buyer and process performance
Module 3: Developing Strategies and Objectives To Enhance the Procurement Function
  • Setting the objectives of a short and long term plans
  • Developing strategies and objectives to optimize the procurement function
  • Developing a strategic procurement plan and selling it to the CEO
  • How to effectively implement and measure the performance of the plan
Module 4: SRM and Its Importance in a Strategic Procurement Function
  • Understanding various supplier partnerships
  • Factors that has increased the importance of SRM in procurement
  • Vital elements of Supplier Relationship Management
  • Developing a system to measure supplier performance
Module 5: Understanding Cost Management in Achieving Cost Reduction Targets
  • Understanding elements of material cost
  • Significance of producers cost
  • Total cost of ownership and how to determine it by using a TCO model
  • Understanding cost drivers and opportunity area for savings
  • How to develop and assess cost breakdown models
Module 6: Leadership Qualities in the Procurement Function
  • Understanding difference in managing and leading a procurement function
  • Essential skills in managing a strategic procurement function
  • Vital areas of excellence in today’s procurement leaders
  • Importance on entrepreneurial skills in managing a procurement function
  • Thinking like a CEO