Building Impactful Presentations with PowerPoint

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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to :

  • Enhance your productivity using ribbons in PowerPoint
  • Move beyond default PowerPoint templates
  • Create impressive presentations using templates


In this program you'll learn the tricks for using the best method to present business or technical material into a simple easily absorbed presentation. Discover how to move beyond default PowerPoint templates and leap into the world of breath-taking professional-presentation content.

This program will show you the ways to push PowerPoint to its multimedia limits, built a memorable presentation experience that drives your message and energizes your audiences. We will highlight all those powerful flexible features to deliver a seamless multimedia experience that captivates your audience, rather than just a plain series of disorganized slides with over-crowded information that leaves them confused about your message.

What's more, in addition to getting the technical training you need to operate PowerPoint like a pro, you'll also pick up dozens of valuable presentation tips, dazzling design techniques for creating visually stimulating presentations your audience, and also on how not to use PowerPoint.

Remember, they not only want to hear your message, they expect to be entertained at the same time.


This program is a must-attend training for anyone who needs to create convincing presentation slides to communicate ideas, message and strategies before groups of any size:

  • Trainers and speakers who deliver educational material
  • Teachers who must both educate and entertain
  • Sales representatives who pitch proposals to potential clients
  • Managers who must routinely prepare presentations and who want to enthuse workers and upper management about project plans
  • Advertising associates and marketing professionals whose high-powered proposals must stand out among stiff competition
  • Anyone who must explain fact, figures or other complex information to the general public


Basic knowledge of Windows is essential with the following:

  • Have attended Microsoft PowerPoint – Foundation & Intermediate Level; OR
  • Able to switch between task applications
  • Create and Save Presentation
  • Print a Presentation with Headers and Footers
  • Create different types of Printout
  • Create Graph and Table into a Presentation
  • Create an Organization Chart and SmartArt
  • Navigate within a Presentation
  • Apply Animation


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentations, discussions and practical exercises

Plan - What To Present?
  • New ideas
  • Products
  • Reports

Design - Slide Structure
  • Slide layout – arrange all the items such as title, images or text boxes that helps to make up the slides
  • Slide design – choose slide themes as a package of slide background and formatting to get attractive and consistent design of slides in a presentation
  • Master slide – modify and use slide masters to make universal style changes to every slide in your presentation

Develop - Content
  • Infographics – Rewrite report details into presentation points to create impactful visual delivery content
  • Table – Organize data in table by rows and columns to compare content details by sections
  • Charts – Choose the one that best fits your data; Create and edit charts that allows to see meaning behind the numbers which makes it easy to visualize comparisons and trends
  • Diagram – Convert information or process in to visually pleasant 2d diagrams for more understandable, efficient and memorable content
  • Image – use, design and style images to convey the emotion or to illustrate key points

Enhance - Interactive Slide
  • Transition & Animations – Add animation using appropriate effect, trigger, timing and arrangement which helps to control the flow of information on a particular slide and hold the audience’s attention
  • Video – Insert video to express more on the content; including edit, trim and bookmark the video
  • Audio – Insert audio as background music for more supportive element to an automatic show.
Deliver Presentation
  • Share Presentation – Create package for your presentation which helps to ensure that any linked files such as reports from another file are included and the correct fonts are embedded
  • Presenter
  • Notes – Create and hide speaker notes with presenter view during slide show which can be as reference to deliver more detailed about the content
  • Shortcuts to present – Present like a Pro with more keyboard shortcut