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(2 Days)


· Understand problem solving & decision making processes

· Develop better solutions & decisions that are sound & high quality

· Apply a systematic manner in approaching work issues

· Developed a matured workforce in sound and quality PSDM processes

· Eliminate / Reduce current and potential issues within the organization

· Improve organization Quality, Productivity, Cost & Customer Satisfactions


One of the crucial and core competencies required in the workforce is Problem Solving & Decision Making, PSDM. By far, this is a highly challenging tasks for many problem solvers & decision makers. Good decision & solution would enable issues to be permanently resolved, and many more potential problems avoided. Hence, this have to come with sound and quality PSDM to make the greatest impact for the organization.

In this course, participants will be able to learn how to make sound and quality decisions by applying systematic process methodology and various tools in different circumstances. Case studies, Critical Analysis and Games shall be deployed to enhance the PSDM competency development, and add Fun to Learning. Hence, this would be a very interesting and engaging course throughout the 2-days session.

Target Audience

· Level – Management, Managers, Senior Personnel & Professionals

· Department – All

· Industry – Manufacturing & Service


· Approx 20:80 rule - 20% sharing, & 80% learning activities

· Accelerated learning - Highly interactive with experience facilitator

· Implied & Work related learning activities with highly engaging interactions

Module 1: Introduction

· Context Setting

· Course Objectives & Benefits

· Problem Discussion

Module 2: Overview of PSDM

· Defining PSDM

· Game I : Who Am I

· Importance of PSDM

Module 3: PSDM @ Work

· Applications of PSDM

· PSDM Mindset

· Examples of Good PSDM

Module 4: PSDM Initial Steps

· Game II : Aladdin’s Genie

· Defining the Problem or Situation

· Goal Setting

Module 5: Systematic PSDM Process - Methodology

· Systematic PSDM Methodology

· Data Collection - Selecting & gathering the Right Information

· Data Analysis - Converting raw data to meaningful information

· Determine True Causes - Fishbone & Verification

· Develop Action Plans - Action Planning

· Monitoring Mode - Result Check

Module 6: PSDM Tools