Certified Planning Engineer

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(4 Days)


CPE Certified Planning Engineer is Certified by American Academy of Project Management (AAPM)

Recognized in more than 150 countries via 800 approved training providers, universities, colleges and business schools.

This course is mainly designed for Project Management Professionals who wish to learn how to plan and control projects using an established Schedule tools without Resources and Roles. It’s a hands on training using Schedule Tools such as Primavera 6. Participants will gain hands on experiences building a new schedule, updating / monitoring and schedule, and generating reports. Participants also gain a through background in the concepts of planning and scheduling.

CPE™ MODULE1 – Principles of Planning
  • Introduction to PM Planning
  • Planning to Plan
  • Project Breakdown
  • Activity Definition
  • Activity Sequencing
  • Resourced Programs
  • Finalizing the Plan
  • Leading a Project with the Plan
  • Managing Scope Changes
CPE™ MODULE2 – Practice Standard for Scheduling
  • Project Scheduling
  • Scheduling Methods
  • Scheduling Techniques
  • Scheduling Tool
  • Schedule Model Instances and Presentations
  • Schedule Model Maintenance
  • Data Management Plan
  • Schedule Model Management Plan
  • Schedule Model Maintenance
CPE™ MODULE 3 – Scheduling Tools Software
  • Concepts and Tools of Planning and Scheduling
  • Management and Operational control planning
  • Establishing Planning Framework
  • Project Planning and Scheduling Steps
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling Steps
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Resource Breakdown Structure
  • Cost Management
CPE™ MODULE 4 - Scheduling Tools Software
  • ITTO
  • Critical Path Method
  • Activity Relationship
  • Total Float and Free Float
  • Facilitate recovery
  • Schedule Performance Index
  • Cost Performance Index

Assessment - 3 hours (afternoon)