Common Mistakes Made By Company Directors In Managing Their Business (With Real Life Cases)

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  • Examine and highlight some of the common mistakes made by directors.
  • Learn and appreciate the mistakes made by some directors and to plan ahead to reduce the risk of such mistakes.


Directors (whether independent or non-independent) are ultimately responsible for the management of a company and are susceptible to oversights and making mistakes.


  • Company Directors
  • Financial Controllers & Finance Managers
  • Accountants & Auditors
  • Company Secretaries
  • Academicians
  • Fund & Investment Managers


Lectures facilitated by PowerPoint presentation and case studies discussion.

Mistake #1: Complacency: Lack of Timely & Decisive Action
Mistake #2: Strategic Market Positioning Misaligned
Mistake #3: Lack of a Highly Defined Business Model
Mistake #4: Low Reliance on the Need for Processes & Measurements
Mistake #5: Excessive Focus on Revenue Generation
Mistake #6: Exiting for the Wrong Reasons or Wrong Time
Mistake #7: Misaligned Board Membership to Situational Requirements
Mistake #8: Lack of Company Leadership by the Board Members
Mistake #9: Self-Focus Blinders
Mistake #10: Lack of a Governess Process & “Outsider” Perspectives
Case Studies