Connecting People With Powerful Communication Skills

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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the process of communication in handling people
  • Choose appropriate spoken and written methods for communicating with individuals or groups
  • Create positive working relationship – using different communication styles
  • Use your knowledge of the communication process to make orders and instructions more acceptable to people
  • Project positive nonverbal communication
  • Be an active listener
  • Get what you want in negotiation
  • Use body language to build rapport with anyone
  • Modify your communication style to suit the other person when you motivate, compliment, counsel, correct and delegate


Communication is at the heart of everything we do in business, yet poor communication is a huge problem for business and individuals - causing low morale, poor performance and high staff turnover. Success in people management depends on your ability to communicate effectively. This course shares with you the practical understanding of the skills, concepts and structures that are important for building working and business relationships.

“If you want to win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend." – Abraham Lincoln

Introduction: 'Communication is the Heart of Everything'


This program is suitable for Executives, Managers and Supervisors


This stimulating program will maximize understanding and learning through Interactive & Jigsaw Learning, Exploratory Discussions, Practice Exercises, Fun-Learning Activities

  • Take Responsibility
    • What You Say And How You Say It
  • Watch Your Facts
    • Distinguish Your Facts From Opinions And Assertions
  • Listen Actively
    • Focus On Speaker’s Message With Prejudging
  • Ask Effective Questions
    • Powerful Questions: Open-Ended, Thought-Provoking, Or Probing
  • Respond Flexibly
    • Big Picture Or Detail Communicators
  • Pick Your Words Carefully
    • Need To Understand And Be Understood
  • Practice Exercise – Learning Game
  • What Are You Saying With Your Body
    • Match Your Words –Tone - Body Language
  • Avoid Becoming A ‘Space Invader’
    • Invisible Zones Of Personal Space
  • Your Handshake Tells On You
    • Pointers To The Perfect Handshake
  • If A Handshake Is Not Your ‘Thing’ – What Then?
    • Use Eye Contact Carefully
  • Avoid Appearing Too Dominant
    • Open And Closed Body Language Signals
  • Signs Of Positive, Open Lines
    • Signs Of Disengagement
  • Body Language – Power And Authority
    • Four ‘S’s
  • Practice Exercise – Learning Game
  • Be Aware Of Dynamics
    • `Players’ Positions
  • Take People Into Your Confidence
    • Share Confidences To Create Trust
  • Show Appreciation
    • Listening – Attention – Praise
  • Establish A Rapport
    • Match And Mirror
  • Give Constructive Feedback
    • Using Sandwich Or BOOST Models
  • Be Persuasive
    • Understand - ‘Away From’ And ‘Towards’ People
  • Be A Coach
    • Use Communication As A Learning Tool
  • On The Phone
    • Create A Positive Image Over The Phone
    • Observe Phone Etiquette
  • Use Emails Thriftily
    • Inboxes Are Getting Fuller
    • You Write Because You Have Got Something To Say
    • Don’t Use Emails As Avoidance
  • Practice Exercise
  • Move From Conflict And Disagreement To Building Strong Relationships
    • Focus On The Conversation
    • Say “No” Politely
    • Control Your Emotions
    • Resolve Difficulties By Not Butting In
    • Challenge Bad Behavior Not The Person
    • Listen Empathetically
    • Negotiation Skills To Resolve Difficulties
    • Avoid Judgment
  • Practice Exercise – Learning Game