Contractor Safety Management

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(1 Days)


· Understand roles and responsibilities of employer how to manage contractors at workplace

· Learn practical approach how to control hazards via controlling contractors

· Understand roles of contracts for bids contain appropriate information concerning the Contractor Safety program including all requirements

· Monitor all contractor activity at their location

· Ensure the area in which the contractor employees are working are maintained safe and free of hazards,

· Learn how to provide contractors with specific safety program requirements


This course is suitable for Junior Managers, Executives, Officers, Team / Line Leaders and Supervisors, Security who deal with Contractors at workplace


This is a highly interactive training programme, whereby participants are to gain the learning points through experiential activities.

Module 1 - Introduction To Contractor Safety Management

· OSHA 1994 Regulation Pertaining Contractor Safety Management

· Duty of employer and employee

Module 2 – Required Safety Programme For Contractor

· General Safety Rules, including reporting of Unsafe Conditions

· Hazard Communication & Chemical Safety

· Lockout-Tagout

· Electrical Safety

· Evacuation Routes, Alarms & Procedures

· Hot Work Program

· Confined Space Program

· Process Safety Management

· Personal Protective Equipment

· Fall Prevention

Module 3 – Safety Review

A comprehensive pre-work safety review conference will be conducted for all contractor work that involves:

· Construction & Renovation

· Equipment Installation & Repair

· Utility Modifications

· Electrical & Plumbing Work

· Work At Elevated Locations

· Confined Space Entry

· Use Of Toxic Substances

· Hot Work Or Welding

Module 4 – Other Policies And Procedures

All contractor employees shall adhere to the Company’s Policies, including but not limited to:

• Access to facilities and equipment,

• Use of controlled substances,

• Firearm & explosive restrictions,

• Harassment of other persons,

• Traffic and parking regulations etc.

Module 5 – Practical Tips How To Control Contractors At Workplace