Coordinate Measuring Machine - (Concept & Hands On)

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(4 Days)


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • To enhance engineers and technician knowledge on the concept of measurement systems and hands on technical skills by operating CMM for measuring parts more effectively and to be confident with measurement results.


A good and correct measurement is one of the many actions that an organization can take to improve its performance and profitability by reducing waste of necessary resources.

The four days training will be inclusive of theoretical and hands on activities.


  • Concept of measurements. How to set datum and make a good and correct measurement.
  • Technical Drawing as a specification for measurement – cover interpreting engineering drawing, geometric dimensioning and tolerance (form, orientation, positioning, runout, modifier, datum and profile) and application of design drafting such as screws and gears.
  • Hands on CMM
    • Basic Measurement: measure elements (point, line circle, sphere, cylinder, cone and torus), length and angle.
  • Advanced Measurement: Special tasks, tolerance measurements, part programming.


This training is suitable for all personnel assigned to handle the CMM Machine and has a job connection with measurements.


This stimulating training will maximize understanding and learning through lecture, discussion, case studies and practical activities.

  • Terminology
  • Introduction To Technical Drawing
  • Angle Projection In Engineering Drawing
  • Lines On Engineering Drawing
  • Multi Views Drawing
  • Elements In Engineering Drawing
  • Allowances And Fillets
  • Screws
  • Awareness On Engineering Drawings – For Discussion
  • Engineering Drawing – Case Study
  • Terminology
  • Objective
  • General Symbols And Pertinent Definitions
  • General Rules For Geometry Tolerancing
  • Measurement Accuracy And Precision
  • Standard For Geometry Dimensioning And Tolerancing
  • Principle Of Material Condition
  • Datum
  • Geometric Tolerances
  • Functional Gauge And Application Of GD&T
  • A
    • Geometry Dimensioning And Tolerancing
    • Introduction To CMM
    • Function Keys
    • Operation Steps
    • Elements
    • Product Connection With Elements
    • Special Task
    • Alignment
  • B
    • Alignment
    • Part Programming
    • Part Program Management
    • Macro Call
    • Offline Mode
    • Looping (Using The Demo Part)
    • Hands On Measurement – By Using The Part Provided.
  • C - Practical
    • Part 1: Hands On
    • Part 2: Part Program
    • Part 3: Theoretical
    • Q&A