Creative & Innovative Design Thinking

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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Utilize Innovative Design Thinking skills to create Business and Workplace Innovations
  • Develop solutions to enhance customer satisfaction-internal and external
  • Develop new ideas to exploit future trends and opportunities
  • Facilitate Value & Cost Innovation
  • Conceive and Crystallize ideas to bring about a successful implementation
  • Design Innovative Customer and Business Value Propositions
  • Nurture an innovative thinking ability for continuous innovation
  • Apply The 7 P's of Innovative Thinking for Effective Business and Work Redesign
  • Think and apply creative design principles in a strategic way through 4 levels of Business Operations
  • Secure Commitment from people for Project Implementation Success


This program is suitable for Managers and Executives with the Methodology, Skills, Tools and Techniques for Innovative Design Thinking to deliver Business and Workplace Value Added Innovations.


This stimulating program will maximize understanding and learning through lecture, discussion, case studies, brainstorming, story boarding, exercises, simulations, games, experiential learning, hands-on applications and coaching

  • Thinking About Thinking - Components Of Thinking & Corporate Thinking
  • Divergent And Convergent Thinking
  • Thinking - Default Or By Design
  • Introduction Into Design Thinking
  • The 5 D’s Of Innovative Design Thinking
  • Discover, Diagnose, Define, Design, Deploy
  • The Dynamics And Mechanics Of Innovative Value Added Design
  • User Oriented Design Principles
  • Voice Of The Customer/User
  • Business Design & Redesign Tools
  • Design Thinking Process
  • Identifying Critical Business Issues /Improvement Opportunities
  • Aligning Design Improvements/Innovations To Core Business Drivers
  • Reviewing Values, Mission And Vision Principles
  • Recalibrating / Refining/ Reframing Vision, Mission And Values - Business Model Clarification
  • Redefining Value Proposition
  • Identifying And Enhancing Key Elements In The Value Proposition
  • Team Problem/Opportunity Selection
  • Prioritization Against Business Model And Delivery Elements
  • Researching The Problem, Synthesizing And Applying Design Thinking Tools
  • Stakeholders Analysis
  • Identifying Gaps, Disconnects & Opportunities
  • Reframe Problems/Opportunities/Improvements Through Stakeholder’s Perspectives And Personas
  • Objective Setting And Success Indicator
  • Reframing Using The 7 P’s Of Creative And Innovative Thinking
    • Purpose
    • Perception
    • Perspective
    • Principles
    • Performance
    • Process
    • Patterns
  • Creative Brainstorming
  • Solution Generation
  • Thinking Out Of The System Using The Random Word Technique
  • Creating Connections
  • Creating Meaning And Actions For Breakthrough
  • Idea Mining And Selection Using Selected Criteria- Sort, Select, Refine The Best Ideas
  • Needs And Wants Analysis
  • Scamper Analysis
    • Substitute
    • Combine
    • Adapt
    • Modify
    • Put To Other Use
    • Eliminate
    • Rearrange
    • Redesigning New/Enhanced Value Proposition
    • Prototyping & Validation
    • Solution Presentation
  • Using Action Research Model For Implementation
  • People, Resource And Empowerment Requirements
  • Feedback, Check Point And Corrections
  • Continuous Learning
  • People Engagement, Involvement And Ownership Factors
  • Timeline & Milestone
  • Celebrating Success