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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understanding the systematic framework and various methods for creative solutions
  • Effective tools and techniques to be used
  • Self-perception in the areas of creativity
  • Implementing and evaluating creative solutions


IDEAS - They are resilient, highly contagious, able to invoke strong passion, have the capability to grow and can define a whole society. French author Victor Hugo once said that ideas are more powerful than all the armies of the world. Throughout history, great minds have always stressed on the importance of cultivating ideas for the future of a nation. In business, ideas are the heart of an organization's sustainability and longevity.

The Japanese have a saying, “None of us is smarter than all of us". They have successfully developed a culture that promotes creativity, problem solving and continuous improvement amongst their people and that has given them the advantage in helping their country's rapid growth in the 60s up to the 80s.

How does one cultivate ideas? The answer is quite simple, to cultivate ideas, one must start by investing in people – their thinking skills to be exact!

  • Why creative thinking is important
  • How can creative thinking be promoted in the organization?
  • What makes a good problem solver? Can we develop one?
  • How to be a more creative problem solver?
  • What are the practical tools that can be used?


This program is suitable for Employees, Administration, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Executives and Managers from any background.

Level: Executives and above.


The program will be delivered in an interactive learning approach with exciting Experiential Learning Games that makes the session interesting and highly interactive. We will also have group discussions (using case studies, existing examples, etc.) And also a brainstorming session to develop a workable action plan for the participants.

  • Mechanics Of The Mind
  • The Thinking Process
  • Logical Sequencing
  • Thinking Tools

Learning Focus: Understanding Thinking Skills And Creative Influences

  • Basis Of Our Thinking Preferences
  • True Or False Game: Pressure Of Conformity
  • Group Work: Creative Problem Solving
  • Top 10 Thinking Obstacles

Learning Focus: Influence Of Personality In Level Of Curiosity And Tolerance For Ambiguity

  • Understanding Lateral And Vertical Thinking
  • Thinking As A Team: Methods To Lateral And Vertical Thinking
  • 6 Thinking Hats Practical Case Study

Learning Focus: Creating Buy-In And Sustaining Motivation For Continuous Innovation And Improvement

  • Creativity And Continuous Improvement
  • Brainstorming: Where Do We Go From Here
  • My Plan Of Action

Learning Focus: Building Confidence To Produce, Share And Implement New Ideas At The Workplace