Developing Procurement Value In Supply Chain

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Procurement is the critical unit in the supply chain but conventionally, the focus is on upstream segment. Away from the customer-supplier domain. Contemporary, in the high-paced business outlook, procurement has to leverage supplier contributions to innovation and customer value. Advocating suppliers as a potential source of market differentiation, competitive progression and competency sustainability in the supply and demand chains.


A mandatory program for all procurement executives and managers. A competency course for personnel from finance, planning, supplying, ordering and other relevant supplier-company-customer departments.


A seminar cum workshop based program with delivery in power-point presentation and simple to understand course notes. Group and individual assignments. Practical appreciation of selected case study.

Module 1: Procurement Strategy
  • The changing role and contributions of an organization
  • The context of the industry competitiveness situation
  • The impact of supply base and market base behaviour
  • Procurement team and linkage leveraging
  • Procurement vision, mission and goal orientation
  • Procurement supply and demand chain analysis
Module 2: Procurement Network
  • The framework of supplier relationship management
  • The challenges of global outsourcing and insourcing
  • The strategic cost element of acquisition and ownership
  • Procurement cost to value barriers
  • Procurement centers of gravity and demographic
  • Procurement supply side and demand side vectors
Module 3: Procurement Performance
  • The identification of the supply chain risk profile
  • The potential risk in the value critical path
  • The disruption of the financial and reputational impact
  • Procurement drivers and barriers anticipation
  • Procurement information technology orientation
  • Procurement electronic evaluation matrix
Module 4: Procurement Control
  • The key issues of economic, environmental and social
  • The sustainability factors of situation analysis
  • The constrains of cost efficiency and customer value
  • Procurement contribution to key processes
  • Procurement standing from strategizing to execution
  • Procurement skills and talents in human resource