Dynamic Leadership Tactics to Drive Creativity & Innovation

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This course enables you and enhances your ability to manage with competence and to lead with purpose. Gain the relevant perspectives and skills to lead across functions, cultures, and to strengthen your knowledge and skill sets.

You are aware that streamlining and cost-cutting may yield short-term earnings gains, but winning leaders know the key to value creation and sustained growth lies in innovation – continuously seeking opportunities to create value by developing new products and launching new services, entering new market segments or rethinking key processes.

This innovation-focused leadership course challenges you to take a candid look at your personal impact, values and leading style. The course leader will guide you through an exploration of how to instill innovation mindset within your team and organization.

Bottom-line this course will strengthen your leadership skills with new perspectives, new thinking and new ideas to constantly improve how you relate to and interact with, and inspire others to the next level of creativity.

“A wagon pulled by a team of horses can move no faster than the slowest horse."

– Peter Scholtes

“The future is something you create, not something that happens to you."

- Joel Barker

  • Accelerate your overall leadership effectiveness by changing your habits
  • Apply the 'RIGHT' leadership behavior towards taking charge and leading the team
  • Give vision, meaning, direction and focus to inspire and manage the new Gen 'Y' workforce
  • Communicate to inspire your team and to drive creativity improvement opportunities
  • Initiate creative thinking – Think Outside the Box or Get a Bigger Box
  • Create your own future by finding your next innovation
  • Know how to combine your ideas with the ideas of others as you meet at the Verge
  • Build a Roadmap to Make things happen: Get things done


This course is designed for all managers, senior executives, supervisors, and team leads.


This training will be conducted via interactive guided learning – exploratory discussions – self-awareness assessments – visual learning – role plays – activities thru 'Mental Aerobic' exercises to spearhead groups' share-learning. Participants experience a series of high impact, high-fun-energy and mentally gyrating workouts for the whole brain!

Module 1: Dynamic Leadership Package
  • Adaptive = React to changes by being proactive
  • Employment of a fluid style of leadership
  • Self-Assessment Exercises
  • Applying Leadership Style – What kind of leader am I?
  • Overall Leadership Effectiveness Profile
  • Diagnostic Skill Level
  • Adaptability Skill Level
  • Group Exercises
  • Choosing an Appropriate Exercise
  • Leader Adaptability Exercise
  • Moment of Truth – Behaviors in which you need improvement
Module 2: Ignite the Beacon of Change
  • Are you a Change Leader?
  • 8-stage skill sequence of promoting change
  • Sources of Resistance to Change
  • Strategies to Overcome the Resistance to Change
  • Behaviors of an Effective Change Leader
  • Modeling Exercise
  • Objective: To assess leader’s skill in promoting and overcoming change

Role play exercise – to exert change in one of six groups representing six major activity centers (Manufacturing, Marketing, Research, Administration, Science Instruments dept., and Medical Instruments dept.

Module 3: Tap into the Creativity of Diversity
  • Build awareness of differences and similarities
  • Find common grounds
  • Enriching differences of style, perceptions and perspectives
  • Appreciation for people who are ‘different
  • Visual Learning – Exploratory discussion
Module 4: Breakthrough Thinking
  • How lead as a creative leader in team problem solving
  • Use creativity to solve problems
  • To survive, we must adapt and evolve fast
  • Tackle the problem of idea killers
  • Nurture and tap into individual and team’s creativity
  • Applying quality-control techniques
  • The BOX: What is it? How to get Out of It? or Have a bigger BOX?
  • Activity: Stretching the Imagination

Objectives: To clear your mind; To demonstrate the benefit of synergy (working together); Have some fun.

Module 5: Spearhead & Lead Innovation at the Verge

Introduction: Use all the lessons from the past to shape our future creativity

  • Get Out of Your Rut and Find Your Groove
  • Ideas are all over – examine a host of tools and application
  • Think about each tool in the larger context of the business challenges you are currently facing
  • Harness Chaos: Process Tools
  • Process – how we do things around here: generate, incubate, grow, encourage, and implement new ideas
  • Communicate! Tools to Use for Buy-In
  • Creativity is the fuel that makes innovation go
  • Communication is the oil that keeps it from grinding to a halt
  • Audience analysis and selling ideas
Module 6: An Exercise in Innovation at The Verge
  • The Verge: It is where something and something different meet
  • See how differences come together to trigger new ideas
  • New combinations of elements – New partnerships
  • Application Exercise