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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Manage speaking anxiety
  • Create captivating presentation
  • Control body language to look confident and approachable
  • Increase your volume, clarity and expressiveness
  • Manage your nerves when presenting in public
  • Connect with your audience and make an impact on them
  • Know how to use stories to build trust in you and to connect positively with your staff and clients
  • Understand barriers to communications and how to overcome them
  • Know how to use stories to effectively transmit corporate values
  • Live feedback and instant improvement


Regarded by many as one of the best presenters who ever lived, Steve Jobs was a master of the stage. His keynote addresses energized audiences and were so effective, Apple hardly had to spend any money on advertising, relying more on the favorable press it received due in no small part to the magic Jobs performed at the launches of key products and services.

This training is different than any other presentation skills training not only because of Steve Jobs element but because it address the number one issue for all presenters right at the beginning. “Anxiety"

Being anxious about speaking leads to many costly outcomes. Beyond the negatives associated with apprehension, such as embarrassment and inability to focus, speaking anxiety not only causes you to present poorer speeches, but you're also likely to write poorer speeches too. Second, people who appear nervous are often judged as being deceptive or unprepared because the many behavioral cues associated with nervousness—voiding eye contact, stumbling over words, etc. are also linked to lying or not being ready. Third, being nervous reduces your ability to think clearly, to make effective decisions, and to respond to your audience's reactions.

By combining his analysis of Jobs' many presentations, his personal experience of training and personally coaching various entrepreneurs and CEOs in their public speaking skills. Coach Alfred wants to help you make your next presentation INSANELY great.


This program will benefit executives, managers and leaders who have some prior public speaking and presentation skills training or experience. It is particularly useful for executives who speak in front of groups, sales people and anyone who meets the press.


The workshop is designed to deliver maximum result through experiential learning, videos, individual, paired and team presentation work, fun and insightful learning activities, self-reflection and translation into actual action plan that can be applied immediately at work.

  • Measure Your Public Speaking Anxiety On A Scientifically Valid Measure
  • Understand How Spontaneous Speaking Cause Anxieties
  • Using The Latest Theater Tips In Managing Anxiety
  • The Latest Research On First Impression
  • The Halo Effect
  • Creating A Great First Impression
  • Master Stage Presence With The Right Body Language
  • Plan In Analog
  • Answering The 1 Question That Matter Most
  • Develop A Messianic Sense Of Purpose
  • The 5 Key Element Of A Riveting Story
  • Understanding Story Architecture To Tell More Effective Stories
  • Creating Your Very Own Story
  • Humor Writing Techniques
  • Twitter Like Headlines
  • Dressing Up Numbers
  • Share The Stage
  • Obey The 10 Minute Rule
  • Prepare And Present
  • Pointers And Coaching Throughout The Preparation Stage
  • Live Feedback And Instant Improvement For Every Participant