Effective Communication Skills For Higher Productivity: Communicating For Success

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Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance understanding on the elements that formulate effective communication
  • Be encouraged to develop the verbal skill in English
  • Structure excellent presentation
  • Express ideas and opinions with poise


This program is suitable for Managers, Executives, Supervisors, Administrators, Officer & Clerical Staff Whose Duties include business correspondence in their day-to-day operations.


This excellent program provides benefits through hands-on activities that blend lectures, discussions, examples, language games and peer's constructive feedback.

  • Understanding The Basis For Effective Communication
    • Achieving Desired Results Through Communication
    • Using Spoken Communication Effectively
    • Analyzing Communication Diagram
    • Determining Appropriate Channels Of Communication
  • Fundamentals Of Effective Communication
    • Reasoning The Importance Of Communicating Effectively
    • Identifying The Communication Barriers
    • Overcoming Barriers Of Effective Communication
  • Enhancing Business Bond
    • Recognizing Different Communication Approaches
    • Identifying The Consultative Communication
    • Identifying The Directive Communication
  • Handling People
    • Acknowledge The Fundamental Techniques In Handling People
    • Spotting Ways To Make People Like You
    • Winning People To Your Way Of Thinking
  • Body Language
    • Understanding Why Words Alone Don’t Work
    • Creating Attractiveness Through Movements
    • Portraying Emotions That Give Impact
    • Using Gestures To Add “Oomph”
  • Seating Arrangement
    • Identifying Various Seating Arrangements
    • Discussing Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Arrangements
  • Visual Support
    • Comprehending The Usage Of Visual Support
    • Using The Visual Support Wisely
    • Being Acquainted With Details Of Equipment
    • Handling Equipment’s Properly
  • Handling Question & Feedback
    • Identifying The Needs For Q&A Session
    • Looking Into Ways To Handle The Q&A Session