Effective Retail Sales & Customer’s Experience Skills Training With NLP

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This is an international sales, customer experience and influencing training program for retail promoters to be able to use the power of professional and ethical selling, communication skills, influencing and servicing system to achieve monthly sales target and KPIs.

This program will coach retail promoters how to apply the right and most effective selling skills to complete a deal. Promoters will learn selling strategy to build relationships, upselling skills, discover clients’ needs, present proposals, handle objections as well as close the sales.

The purpose of this program is to turn retail promoters to become excellent sales stars through consultative influencing & selling skills to achieve the sales target.

  • Discover the success secrets of the top Sales Promoters
  • Influencing customer to buy your proposal using NLP
  • Master an easy-to-follow influencing / selling guide to getting anyone to buy from you instantly
  • Master the art of listening
  • Recognize buyer’s motivations instantly
  • Having a personal introduction, that arouses interest and build trust instantly using building trust skills
  • Rid your sales “fear” and “procrastination” permanently
  • Naturally deploy psychological techniques to create compelling reasons and a desire to purchase your product / service immediately
  • Identify the features and benefits in order to upsell
  • How to manage difficult customers
  • How to handle objections
  • Understand different personality and how to manage them
  • Develop Proactive Attitude and Be Confident

Specially designed for all retail promoters, consultants or any personnel in the retail front line that want to increase their sales and customer service skills


Delivered through lectures, case studies, role-plays and group activities

Module 1: What Is Sales & Customer Experience (SCE) - How It Helps To Improve Retail Sales Target?
  • Intro to SCE
  • The components of SCE in Retail Outlet
  • How to achieve SCE
  • How Retail Promoters can hit their Sales KPI

Module 2: The Professional SCE’s Sales Process
  • The retail sales process for retail promoters
  • Understanding customers’ belief, value and motivation in the process of making buying decision
  • The proven 4 steps to a successful sale process
Module 3: How Retail Promoters Build Relationship With Customers
  • Understand the expectation of customers
  • How to be a problem solver
  • How to help customers in making a decision?
Module 4: How To Use Influence, Matching & Mirroring To Build Rapport With Customers
  • Understand Matching & Mirroring
  • How to be a rapport builder
  • How to use Matching & Mirroring to in selling?
Module 5: How To Influence Customers (NLP)
  • Understand what is effective negotiation
  • How to use Negotiation Skills
  • How to use NLP Negotiation in selling?
Module 6: Mastering The Art of Listening
  • Make ”listening” a tool to understand clients
  • The proven ways to listen
  • How to develop the art of acknowledging
  • Influence your customers by total listening

Module 7: How to Identify Your Customers’ Buying Needs
  • Easy ways to qualify your prospects – avoid effort wastage
  • How to probe for problems and magnify them for call to action
  • Make it real and assume the close
Module 8: How to Present, Convince and Persuade Effectively To Different Customers
  • What are the barriers to effective mutual understanding
  • The effective process of persuasion
  • Understanding different personality
  • How to manage each personality
Module 9: How to Close The Sales (NLP)
  • Easy ways to close the sales
  • How to identify the buying signals-physical and mental
  • How to apply the NLP closing sales strategies
Module 10: How to Handle Objection
  • What are the causes of objection
  • How to turn objection into solution
  • Apply L.A.C.P.A to handle objections