Email Etiquette and Effective Business Communication

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 Project a professional image of the company  To approach and write clear emails in the most efficient and professional way possible  Learn common pitfalls on why emails are not clear or misconstrued  Be aware of the correct word usage and email etiquette for business communication  Ensure that communication is done in a structured, logical and meaningful manner  Being better able to presenting the same information in different business communication ways


Managers, Supervisors, Officers, Executives, Administrators, Personal Assistant and anyone who wants to polish up their skills is the area of business communication and email writing


Trainer-led lectures with a strong emphasis on practical experiences, power point presentation, discussion, role play, group discussions, and case studies.

Module 1 - Basics of Business Writing Language & Explanation
 The Functions Of Communication  Barriers To Effective Communication  Putting In To Practice
Module 2 – The Power of Communication

 What Is Communication?

 What Is Interpersonal Communication?

 The Four Outcomes In Any Relationship

 Challenges To Communication

Module 3 – Outshine With Courtesy

 Importance Of Tone In Writing

 Avoid Negative Phrases

Module 4 – Understand & Ask The Right Questions

 Barriers To Listening

 Techniques To Become An Effective Listener

 Levels Of Listening (Ignoring, Selective, Pretend, Attentive, Empathic)

 Why Asking The Right Question Is Important For Effective Oral and Written Communication

Module 5 – Importance of Writing Clear Email

 Opening

 What Goes Into An Email

Module 6 – The “KISS” Principle Of Email

 Ambiguous Email Vs Straight To The Point

 Do’s And Don’ts in an Email I.E. When To Use CC And BCC Etc

Module 7 – Write Emails The Way You Talk

 Using Simple English Vs Academic English

 Email Etiquette

 Choice of Language and Abbreviations

 Are Fonts And Colours Important?

Module 8 - Tone Of Your Email

 Reading Your Email And Your State Of Mind At The Time Of Writing It

 Closing