Enhancing Business Writing Skills

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(2 Days)


By the end of this program, participants should be able to :

· Master the right way in business writing

· Have sufficient vocabulary for writing business documents

· Use the correct grammar and sentence structure in writing business documents

· Ascertain the main content that makes your written work worth reading

· Find out and understand the factors that contribute to a good piece of writing

· Enhance their writing skills and create a better rapport with the reader

· Write impactful letters, emails, memos, and reports


Administration Personnel, Personal Assistants, New or Junior Executives, Clerical Officers, Secretaries, Office Assistants, Supervisors, Senior Clerks, and all who need to write for the office and / or wish to improve their writing skills

Level for Officer and above


This course is highly participatory and will be conducted through interactive lecture, hands-on activities and case studies.

Module 1 - Writing Skills’ Building Blocks 1

· Spelling it Right-Commonly Misspelt Words

· Developing Good Vocabulary

· Punctuations

Module 2 - The Language Of Business Writing

· Mind Your Language

· Low Information Content Words

· Misused & Confusing Words

· Synonyms, Antonyms & Homophones

Module 3 - Writing Business Letters

· Features of Good Writing

· Types of Business Letters

· Formatting and Writing Effective Business Letters

· ‘Manglish’ Not Allowed

Module 4 - Writing Exercises

· Memo

· Letter

· Report

· Common mistakes

Module 5 - Writing Skills’ Building Blocks 2

· Grammar- Verbs, Adjectives & Nouns

· Paragraphs

· Sentence Structure

Module 6 - Writing Effective E-mails & Memos

· Keys to Effective Writing

· Rules of Good E-mail Writing

· E-mail Etiquette

· Effective Memo Writing

Module 7 - Preparing Effective Business Reports

· Collecting the information

· Intended reader of the report

· How to Write Effective Business Reports

· Format and structure

· Avoiding the common pitfalls in business report writing

Module 8 - Final Touches

· Practical Exercises

· The Right Vocabulary