Enneagram Leadership & Management Program (Managerial Program)

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Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the principle of management in the organization and how it contributes to organizational growth.
  • Understand your own leadership quality and personality strengths and challenges.
  • Understand the Attributes and Attitude of a great leader.
  • Increased awareness of your own leadership style and decision making process.
  • Mastering identifying true talent with Enneagram Personality Mapping Tool.
  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and ability in managing self and others.
  • Mastering the power of Positive Influence to increase leadership and reduce management.
  • Empowering decision making with Z-Model of decision making approach.
  • Mastering effective meeting for maximum meeting outcome.


Today business leaders recognize that successful management comes from increasing "Leading empowering inspiring" and decrease the level of "controlling" and "supervising". The meaning of management has evolved from supervisory and control to the following 3 major dimensions:

  • Ability to identify talent and empower individual to unleash full potential.
  • Ability to motivate, inspire and coach others instead of instructing.
  • Visionary and insightful to build and lead a team for long term perspective.

The Enneagram Personality System is a powerful tool to identify talents and strengths and weakness in Job-Related Characteristic, hence help leader to put the right person into the right position. It also offers a path of personal growth toward self-actualization, for career planning and personal, allowing leaders to coach individual according to personality and inner desires.

This Enneagram Leadership and Management program is uniquely designed for managers and management ranking, with the perfect combination of Enneagram people tool, leadership development and management skill. It aims to provide management people with the essential skills of people mastery, decision-making, business planning, effective dedication and execution; to achieve successful business result while building rewarding people relationships.


This program is a must buy-in for managers, management and management in making.


This program is delivered through Accelerated Learning Model, which involved a high level of interaction between trainer and participants and among the participants. The learning process begins with self-assessment and self-discovery, self-reflection, group sharing of experience and layout of personal action plan for growth.

  • Definition And Role Of Leader.
  • What It Take To Be A GREAT Leader?
  • Motivate, Lead, Inspire And Coaching.
  • The Greatest Leader Builds Leaders.
  • The 9 Personality Types Of Enneagram.
  • The 9 Types Of Leadership Style.
  • The Enneagram Job-Related-Characteristics (JRC).
  • Effective Coaching According To Personality.
  • Identifying The Right Talent With Enneagram.
  • Building A Team That Born To Be As A Team.
  • Golden Interview Questions To Hire The Right Attitude.
  • Aligning Personal Vision, Values And Belief.
  • The People Dimension Of Management Skill.
  • The Direction Dimension Of Management Skill.
  • Mastering Positive Influencing Power.
  • Speaking With Conviction, Delivering Positive Outlook.
  • Emotional Intelligence Essential For Leader.
  • Technique Of Conducting Effective Meetings.
  • Chairing Meeting With Clear Purpose.
  • Creating The Encouraging Working Atmosphere.
  • Making Wise Decisions With Z-Model Decision Making Approach.
  • Committing To Making Differences.