Executives as Skillful Interviewers

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Conducting engaging interviews with effective questions in order to select candidates with the relevant mindset, positive attitude, behaviors, and role/cultural fit - aligned to the core values of the organization.


This program is designed for any executive or representatives of an organization that has to conduct interviews for selection process as part of their job task.


Interactive learning – Participating contributions – Exploratory discussions – Hands-on experience

Module 1: Important Traits of an Effective Interviewer
WHAT IS AND WHY?  Attentive Listening  Emotional Maturity  Empathetic Attitude  Recognize Uniqueness  Stable Personality  Engaging Communicator Group Exercise – What is…? And Why is it …?
Module 2: Probing with the Effective Use of Questions

Common Types of Questions:

o Open-ended questions

o Close-ended questions

o Questions about Opinions and Feelings

o Acceptable and Unacceptable questions

o Exploratory questions

Module 3: Interviewing to Elicit the Suitability of Candidates for the Scholarship

 Introduction - Progressive Stages of an Interview

 Refine your interviewing techniques

 Do’s and Don’ts for conducting better interviews Exploratory discussion and Share learning

Module 4: Mock-up Interviewing Sessions

 Application of lessons - Interviewers Live! (Past / or simulated cases)

 Interview Scorecard (Class design OR Existing Organization design)