Facebook Ads & Marketing

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(2 Days)


To provide a better understanding on current digital marketing trends and the power of social media to increase productivity. It will touch on how to fully utilize the power of Facebook business page and to run strategic Facebook ads.
  • Understand current digital -marketing trends
  • Knowing the power of social media
  • Able to fully utilize power of personal Facebook
  • Able to open a Facebook business page
  • Able to run first ads on Facebook
  • Able to run different objective on Facebook ads
  • Remarketing & retargeting strategy using Facebook

Sales & marketing department, digital marketing department, any department which is responsible for customer service


This program will be constructed in step by step& hands-on learning basic

Module 1 – Personal Facebook
  • What is personal brand?
  • How to create your personal brand using Facebook?
  • The important of Facebook live
  • 4 secrets of Facebook personal page
  • Who stalk your personal Facebook page?
Module 2 – Facebook Fans Page
  • Why Facebook page?
  • How to create your Facebook page
  • Top 4 SEO tips for your Facebook page
  • How to get organic reach and engagement
  • Copywriting technique- teaser, soft sells and hard sells
Module 3 – Basic Understanding of Facebook Ads
  • What is a FB ads?
  • Common terms used in FB ads
  • Open your desktop Facebook advert manager & power editor account
  • Create your first Facebook ads with one objective (Boost post)
Module 4 – Facebook Ads Engagement
  • Learning all marketing objectives
  • Specific target audiences
  • Placement selection, budgeting and schedule
  • Manage & monitoring ads
Module 5 – Type of Facebook Ads
  • Lead generation ads
  • Canvas ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Ads in Facebook messenger
  • Instagram ads on Facebook
Module 6 - Retargeting Your Target Audience/Saved Audience/ Page Fans
  • What is retargeting
  • Retarget your post, video, carousel, lead ads, post engagement fans
  • Free tools for Facebook