Finance For Non-Financial Executives

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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts and conventions used in financial literature
  • Understand and identify basic financial source documents and other financial documents in the company
  • Learn and appreciate from the finance department's point of view, the process of book keeping and accounting for better understanding of what the finance department does.
  • Understand and interpret the various financial statements created by the finance department of the company
  • Understanding the difference between various type of cost
  • Learn and understand how to manage working capital effectively


This program is designed for executives, senior supervisory staff and new managers of all departments/functional areas be it IT/Sales & Marketing/Business Development Production/Human Resource, Legal, Engineering or anyone who wants to be more effective in helping the company achieves its financial goals.


This program will be presented via interactive lectures, Q&A, discussions, practical hands-on activities, and group & individual presentation. Students are encouraged to bring their notebooks for this session as some calculations are required.

  • Module 1 - Learning The Language: Financial Jargons
  • Module 2 - Accounting Conventions, Standards And Accounting Management
  • Module 3 - Your Financial Statements: An Introduction
  • Module 4 - Critical Component 1: Analyzing Income Statement
  • Module 5 - Critical Component 2: Understanding The Balance Sheet
  • Module 6 - Critical Component 3: Costing And Costs Analysis Characteristics Of Financial Ratios
  • Module 7 - Critical Component 4: The Use Of Budget Controlling Performance
  • Module 8 - Critical Component 5: Analzing Operating Efficiencies Using Financial Ratios