HR Legal Practices in Asean Countries

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Understand the general requirements of the HR Legal Practices in the Asean Region and its relative application at work.

Ability to implement the right processes and procedures covering the following crucial areas:

Hiring, Managing Human Resources (Permanent Employees; Part Timers; Contract Staff),

Effective Deployment, Setting of KPIs, Consequence Management (Management of

Disciplinary Issues; Correspondence; Domestic Inquiries; Termination Process; Legal Claims by Dismissed Employees)

Ability by Management / Organization to reduce the risk of wrong Human Resource o Management Practices

Module 1: General Principles of International Labour Laws And Labour Laws Of Asean Countries And Its Purpose
 Employment Acts
 Other related Statues (Eg:- Industrial Relations Act, Personal Data Protection Act Minimum Retirement Age Act, Minimum Wages Order
 Social Accountability 8000 Standard
 Responsible Business Alliance ( Code of Ethics)

Module 2: Human Resources Management Within The Ambits Of Labour Laws

Process Definition


- Processes

- Management Action

Compliance Framework to manage Asset (People & Property)

- Legal

- Standard

- Best Practice

Module 3: Contract: What Forms The Basic Relationship Between Employee And Employees?

Ø Contract for Service - Elements

Ø Contract of Service - Elements

Ø Apprenticeship Contract

Ø Contract “For” vs “Of” Service”

- Control Test

- Independence Test

- Integration Test

- Economic Reality Test

Ø Terms

- Express Terms

- Implied Terms – Business Efficacy Test

Ø Non-Renewal of Contract- Fixed duration contract & Non fixed duration

Module 4: Understanding HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection Process
Module 5: Employer – Definition, Duties and Obligation
Module 6: Employee – Definition, Duties and Obligation; Categories of Employees
Module 7: Probationer – Definition, Duties and Obligation; Rights
Module 8: Right to Hire, Fire and Transfer
Module 9: Key Performance Indicators and Performance Management
Module 10: Domestic Inquiry – Overview of Process and Requirements
Module 11: Types of Misconduct
Module 12: Termination of Employment Contract
Module 13: Retirement
Module 14: Restrain of Trade
Module 15: Conflict of Interest
Module 16: Guidelines for Industrial Court (Application in Asean Countries) – Brief Overview
Module 17: Mind Mapping of the overall HR Practices, Requirements and Standards