Hearing Loss Prevention Program

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(2 Days)


Understand the legal requirements
Understand the noise and its effect on human health
Understand the basic concepts & terms involve in noise control
Understand the Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear and Human Speech
Understand the principle of Noise control which workers can apply in workplace
Implement a Hearing Loss Prevention Programmed efficiently and comply with all the legal requirements


Safety and Health Officers, HR and Administration Managers, Line Managers & Supervisors, Occupational Health Doctors/Nurses, Industrial Workers and all other interested parties


Essentially participative, classroom and practical, emphasizing learning through experience, both from structured activities on the program and group work and presentation

Module1: Introduction

· Icebreaking

· Aims

· Ground rules

Module 2: Overview of Safety & Health

· Definition of Occupational Safety & Health

· Safety & health Terminologies

· Classification of Hazards

Module 3: The Effect Of Noise On Human Health

· Hearing

· Other Effect

Module 4: The Basic Concepts & Terms

· Sound

· Frequency(Hz)

· Noise

· Infrasound & ultra sound

· Decibels

· Noise level measurement

· Sound transmission

· Resonance

· Sound reduction by distance

· Sound transmission loss

· Noise Reduction

· Sound absorption

· Normal hearing

· Measuring hearing

· The audiogram(Audiometric Test)

Module 5: Principles Of Noise Control Program
Module 6: Noise Control Measures

· Changes in machinery & equipment

· Material handling

· Enclosure of machines

· Control of noise from vibrating surfaces

· Damping with absorbants

· Sound insulating separate rooms

· Maintenance

· Planning for noise control