Hot Work Requirements & Safe Working Practice

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Hot work is a process that can be a source of ignition when flammable material is present or can be a fire hazard regardless of the presence of flammable material in the workplace. Common hot work processes are welding, soldering, cutting & breezing. Many workplace accidents have occurred due to hot work activities which can cause fire, explosion as well occupational illness to workers. This hot work course is designed to ensure participants understand the basic fire safety in workplace including relevant safe systems of work, method statements and permit to work procedures.

  • Identify the general hazards associated with hot work activities
  • Explain the roles of personnel in hot work such as management, supervisors, hot work operators, Permit Authorizing Individual & Fire Watch
  • Explain the safety measures taken during hot work activities to prevent accidents
  • Explain the procedures involved in the Hot Work Permit System
  • Be able to set up a safe system of work including method statements & work in accordance with hot work permit
  • Understand fire safety associated with hot works and have a practical understanding of fire prevention & safe use of portable fire extinguishers & other fire equipment installed in the workplace
  • Use PPE effectively & suitable to hot work activity
  • Conduct risk assessment in workplace before hot work activities
  • Be able to use portable extinguisher, hose-reel & hydrant drill effectively in practical manner

Management, Supervisors, Safety Personnel, Hot Work Operators & Fire Watch


Highly interactive program where trainer will share his knowledge and experiences with participants through classroom presentation, group discussion, case study and video presentation.

Module 1: Introduction
  • Ice –breaking
  • Knowledge technology – the fundamental of learning process
Module 2: Introduction to fire safety
  • Fire process – chemistry of fire
  • The products of combustion & its effect on life safety
  • Means of escape during fire emergency-emergency procedures
  • Fire protection system – detection, alarm & suppression system
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Fire prevention

Module 3: Roles of Personnel
  • Management
  • Supervisors
  • Hot work operators
  • Permit authorizing individual
  • Fire watch
Module 4: Hot Work Basics
  • Definition
  • Hot work operation (hazards)
  • Cylinders & valves (oxygen & acetylene)
  • Designated hot work rooms
  • Safety measures
  • The 35 – Foot rules
  • Risk management
  • Hazards identification
  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk control
Module 5: Permit To Work System
  • Prior to Hot Work
  • During Hot Work
  • After Hot Work
  • PTW Form
Module 6: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Fundamental of PPE
  • Type of PPE suitable for hot work
  • Donning of PPE
Module 7: Practical Fire Fighting
  • Portable extinguishers
  • Hose-reel Drill
  • Hydrant Drill