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Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to :

  • Understand the main processes, relationships, benefits and challenges of ITIL® v3
  • Gain insight into the holistic service lifecycle approach that forms the core of ITIL® v3
  • Understand how these processes contribute to making an IT organization manageable
  • Learn the most important ITIL® v3 definitions
  • Gain access to a standardized vocabulary
  • Prepare yourself for the certified ITIL® v3 Foundation examination


This course introduces the principles and core elements of IT Service Management (ITSM) based on the ITIL® v3 set of best practices

This course has been enhanced with Quint's exclusive business simulation Quintegrator; where the ITSM lessons learned will be reinforced through role playing and insightful examples from experienced instructors


  • IT Managers, IT staff and process owners
  • Application, project and business managers directly involved in IT
  • Any member of an IT organization in delivery of IT services


No mandatory prerequisites, although experience in IT or related fields is recommended


This program will be presented via interactive lecture and practical hands-on activities


This is a three (3) day course that will prepare participants for the certified ITIL® v3 Foundation exam, which is an integral part of the course curriculum

Introduction To ITIL
  • Service Management as a Practice 1:45
  • Business and IT
  • Definition of Service
  • Definition of Service Management
  • The IT Organization
  • Process Model
  • Characteristics of Processes
  • Organizing IT Service Management
  • Service Lifecycle Stages
  • ITIL v3 Processes and Functions
  • ITIL Certification Scheme

Service Operation
  • Objectives
  • Terminology
  • Event
  • Alert
  • Incident
  • Service Request
  • Problem
  • Workaround
  • Known Error
  • Known Error Database
  • Service Operation Processes (Objectives, Roles, Concepts, Metrics)
  • Event Management
  • Incident Management
  • Request Fulfillment
  • Access Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Operation Functions (Objectives, Roles & Structure)
  • Service Desk
  • Technical Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • Applications Management

Service Transition
  • Value to the Business
  • Service Transition Processes
  • Change Management (Objectives, Roles, Concepts, Metrics)
  • Service Change & Types of Change
  • Request for Change
  • Seven R’s of Change Management
  • Change Advisory Board
  • Service Asset & Configuration Management
  • Objectives, Roles
  • CMS & CMS components
  • Assets & Configuration Items
  • Release & Deployment Management (Objectives, Roles, Concepts, Metrics)
  • Service V Model
  • SKMS
  • Service Validation & Testing
  • Evaluation
  • Knowledge Management (Objectives, Roles, Concepts, Metrics)
  • DIKW Model
  • Service Knowledge Management System
  • Transition Planning & Support

Service Strategy
  • Why have a Service Strategy
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Service Value
  • Assets
  • Service Strategy Main Activities
  • Service Strategy Processes
  • Service Portfolio Management
  • Demand Management
  • Financial Management
  • Terminology
  • Utility & Warranty
  • Business Case
  • Capabilities & Resources
  • Service Assets
  • Service Catalogue (Business & Technical)
  • Service Portfolio

Service Design
  • Objectives
  • Value to the Business
  • Service Design Manager
  • Service Portfolio
  • Service Catalogue
  • Service Design Package
  • 4 P’s (People, Processes, Products, Partners)
  • Technology & Architecture
  • Sourcing Approaches
  • Service Design Processes (Objectives, Roles, Concepts, Metrics)
  • Service Level Management
  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Availability Management
  • Service Design Processes (Objectives, Roles, Concepts, Metrics)
  • IT Service Continuity Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Supplier Management

Continual Service Improvement
  • Goal and Objectives
  • Scope
  • Models & Processes
  • Deming Cycle
  • Continual Service Improvement Model
  • 7-Step Improvement Process
  • Measurement & Metrics
  • Activities
  • Baseline
  • Interfaces
  • CSI Manager
  • Service Owner
  • Risk Management

Glossary Of Terms
Sample Exam 1
Sample Exam 2