Image Grooming & Retail Sales Operation Workshop

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(2 Days)


Learning the importance of projecting the company’s image and professionalism;
Understanding the importance of BRANDED customer service
Develop the necessary behaviors to project the right image and professionalism;
Showing the customer that we care and understand their needs;
Getting the customer to talk and build rapport;
Presenting the products to the customer in an effective way;
Learning to sell to the customer by using a consultative approach- and educating.
Learn the basic make-up technique (hands-on)
Learn the fundamental grooming tips and hair style and hairdo


Any role within the organization that relates to retail sales personnel


This stimulating course will maximize the understanding and learning for the participants through high impact short lectures, lively activities, insightful presentations to the team and instant feedback from the trainer.

Module 1: The New Retail Mentality

· The Need for Consultative Selling

· People Buy You

Activity: “What Do You See and Like”

Module 2: Giving Customers The Branded Customer Experience

· Ambience -Understand What Your Store’s Brand Image is to Your Customer?

· My Attitude -Am I Representing that Brand Image Well?

· Appearance - The Concept of ShowBiz

Activity: “Determining the Brand Personality” and “What’s WOW”

Module 3: Speak Up And Consult The Customers

· Approach - The Various Types of Greetings for Customers

· Assistance - Assisting the Customer with Their Needs- It is About Them not Us

o Understand the Customers’ Needs by Asking the Right Questions

o Listening Actively

Activity: “Power Questions Techniques”

Module 4: Retail Sales and Service of The Customers

· The Acquisition of the Customer based on Benefits not Features

· Consistently promoting Advocacy - 5 Ways to Build Rapport with the Customer Providing After

· After-Sales – Servicing the Customer to Ensure Advocacy.

Activity: “Differentiating Benefits and Features”

Personal Action Plan: Developing a Personal Service Commitment.

MODULE 5: Personal Grooming Starts with Hygiene & face care, Make-Up

Personal hygiene matters - body or mouth odour, facial hair, manicure/pedicure, fragrance etc

Ways of taking care of your face & Your skin type

Quick and easy make-up technique for ladies (hands-on)

Fundamental grooming tips.