LEADERSHIP in 21st Century

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(2 Days)


· Discover how perceptions influence your interactions with others and their responses to you

· Learn how to save time, energy and talent by improving “People” side of your job

· Discover your own style along with approaches to working with difficult people

· Proactive management skills to sustain cooperative and productive work relationships

· Understand the value of making trade-offs on big issues without being a push-over

· Learn how to develop credibility based on trust and respect

· Distinguish between how you manage tasks as opposed to relationships


The workshop will be based on the principles of experiential learning. Our training weave role-plays, interactive group activities, Outdoor activity hands-on experiences, simulation activities, group discussions, visual aids, games, and quiz. The aim is to address problems, challenges and real-life situations with practical and concrete solutions. Our activities are designed to make learning easier for the participants by fostering interaction. They stimulate creative thinking, illustrate new concepts and challenge basic assumptions.

Lesson 1: Achieving Results
  • Developing High Performance
  • Setting Clear Goals
  • Building Trust
  • The DOVE and The Third Alternatives Theory
Lesson 2: Time Management
  • Jump Start your day: Proven time tools
  • Time Stealers Be gone: Eliminating time waster
  • Procrastination Pest: Killing that bug for good
  • Drowning: Prioritization
Lesson 3: Leaders vs Managers
  • Quality of a Leader
  • Differences between Leaders vs Managers
  • Leader to LEAD
  • Leader vs Followers
Lesson 4: Conflict Resolution
  • Handling Internal conflict within store
  • Identifying conflict
  • Generate don’t Evaluate
  • Stress and Anger Management
Lesson 5: Making An Impact

§Creating a Powerful First Impression

§Assessing a Situation

§Being Zealous without Being Offensive

§Be and Accept changes

Lesson 6: Character Building

§ Vroom-Jago-Yetton Model

§ Perception and Behaviour Theories

§ Transactional Vs Transformational

§ VUCA Leadership

§ Leader Member Exchange (LMX) Theory

§ Cattel’s 16 personality Factors