Letter Of Credits & UCP 600 Guidelines In Global Shipping

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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :

  • Understand the various types of Letters of Credit (LC)
  • Complete the application form for Letter of Credit from the bank
  • Identify practical examples of various products traded, appropriate to the respective Letters of Credit
  • Compile various export documents stipulated in the Letter of Credit
  • Identify the common discrepancies in export/ shipping documents


Every business entity needs financing either from internal or external sources. Even though a company is self-financing today, in the near future it may need to expand its manufacturing or sales activities due to market expansion, diversification of products, competition, globalization, in order to meet the fast changing demand, fast changing technology and Research & Development

In order to achieve these objectives a company obviously needs additional resources and financing from the bank, so as to be able to withstand and sail through the cyclical nature of the economy, and also to excel in today's competitive business environment

There are financial institutions and finance companies which are willing to finance for such purpose, provided businessmen know what type and how much banking facilities are needed

The knowledge on banking facilities such as Letter of Credit, other trade finance facilities and its required quantum, the risk and fraud occurrence in domestic as well as international trade, and the measures taken to prevent such occurrence, form an integral part of a successful business entity

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for Financial Controllers, Account Executives, Finance Executives, personnel involved in importing, manufacturing, exporting, shipping, freight forwarding, and trading concerns

Level For Executive and above


The course will be delivered via lectures on key concepts, demonstration of procedures through visual aids, laptop & LCD projector, sample or real documents of Letters of Credits and other shipping documents, latest Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss A/c, Annual Report for practical exercise on computation of net working capital requirement and total funding requirement and group discussion

The Principles Of Documentary Credits/Collection And Method Of Payment Commonly In Use
The Common Conditions Of L/C And Prevailing Instruction Discrepancies In Existence
The Comparison Levels Of Various Methods Of Payment Used In International Trade
The UCP 600 Implementation & The Standard Of Examination Documents From Bankers
The Prevailing Conditions Of Using Documentary Collection In International Trade
Awareness Of Types Of Risks In The Financial And Commercial Circles In International Trade