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At the end of the training programme, the trainees should be able to equipped and empowered themselves with skill sin observing and identifying people's personality; project confidence when dealing with meeting associates, customers, authorities, colleagues, friends and family members; planning and growing personal wealth.


Your personal skills can make or break relationships. An individual's professional success hinges on how well he or she can build strong relationships.

Do you want to learn how to evaluate whether people would buy or not simply by watching their body language? Why understand people's personality?

The way we talk, walk, sit and stand says something about us, and whatever is happening on the inside can be reflected on the outside. By becoming more aware of this body language and understanding what it might mean, you can learn how to read people easily.

Apart from our body speaks, the colour and style you choose reveals your personality. According to research colours does more than establish brand recognition. It also conveys traits about a company's personality, or, brand image. So what is your personal image branding?

By understanding Psychology of Colours & Style and you can learn to understand personality and connect and communicate with people easily without guessing what is in their mind.


Everyone can attend this course.


K.E.Y the School of Etiquette & Image emphasizes on participant's participation and interaction actively. The course models a variety of effective training methodologies, including demonstrations, practices, discussions, brain-storming, role plays, games, visualizations, multimedia and image props.

Understand the hidden meaning of BODY LANGUAGE 1
  • Why Body Language is important in daily life?
  • Connect with People with Eye-Contact
  • Identifying the meaning of each Body Language
  • Using Body Language to improve Interpersonal Communication
  • Identifying Interpersonal Distance for Communication?
Understand the hidden meaning of BODY LANGUAGE 2
  • Projecting positive body language in Business and Social arena
  • Methods to manage nervousness
  • Mastering the Art of Poise & Posture
  • Identifying meaning of different Handshakes
  • Steps to a Handshake
  • Dos and Don’t of Business Cards
Creating positive impression with PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOURS 1
  • What is Four Seasonal Colours : Spring, Summer, inter, Autumn
  • Discover Personal Seasonal Colour
  • Identifying the differences between the four seasonal colour
  • Methods to choose Your Best Colour in your Business & Social Life
Creating positive impression with PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOURS 2
  • Determine the meaning of Colour to understand Personality
  • Identifying which colours activate & manipulate emotions
  • Identifying the effect of colours on individuals and stimulates various responses
  • Methods to use Colours to influence mood
Creating positive impression with PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOURS 3
  • Methods to use Colour Schemes
  • Demonstrate A B C of Mix & Match Concept
  • What is Clothing Capsule?
  • Using Clothing Capsule to create Personal Wardrobe
  • Discover Personality Style from assessment test
  • Choosing the right Style for Personality & Goal
  • Identifying the meaning behind the style chosen by individual
  • Define meaning of each Patterns & Styles
  • Identifying Body Shapes & Body Types & Face Shapes
  • Choosing the right Fabric and Patterns for Bodyline
  • Choosing the right Cut & Style for Body Shape, Body Type and Face Shape
  • Choosing a Good Fit : Suit, Shirt, Jacket and Pants
  • Identifying importance of Dress Code
  • Methods to tie a Tie
  • Apply Mix & Match method
  • Demonstrate your Personal Style
  • Plan Personal Style to influence other’s perception
  • Observe others’ Personality Style and apply the method to start a conversation
  • The Principles of Etiquette
  • Building good workplace relationships with colleagues and customers
  • Demonstrate Greetings and Introductions
  • Identify difference between Malaysian Protocol and International Protocol
  • Dos & Don’t of Social Media Etiquette, Email Etiquette & Telephone
  • Etiquette
  • Seating Arrangement (Who sits where?)
  • Display Table Settings to avoid using the wrong utensils
  • Using utensils with confidence
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Dining
Managing your Financial with MONEY ETIQUETTE 1
  • Identify what is Money?
  • Describe Asset vs Debt
  • Review your current Wealth
  • Determine your Financial Goal
Managing your Financial with MONEY ETIQUETTE 2
  • Plan and Manage your Wealth
  • Identify different types of Investment
  • Methods to allocate your Investment
  • Plan and grow your Wealth