Making A Difference to Your Work Life Balance With TIme Management

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 To identify the areas where time is lost  The impact of lost time on you and the others  How proper Time Management will make a difference to your work-life balance  Managing expectations and Managing stress


Suitable for all Team Leaders, and Managers who wish to increase their productivity through proper Time Management.


A well organized, participative and practical program with activities, group work, case studies and continuous sharing of experiences.

Module 1: How to Manage Yourself
 Recognizing your role in the Organization  Managing objectives to achieve key result  Identifying your responsibilities and priorities  Setting goals for yourself  Knowing your personal time stealers
Module 2: Becoming a Good Planner

 Tackling your workload smartly

 Introducing priority ratings to your workload

 How to use the key criteria for prioritizing

 Plan your time proactively

Module 3: Improving Your Communication Skills

 Improving your own listening and questioning skills

 Don’t let your email control you

 Avoiding and handling phone interruptions

 Self-practice to read and write fast and effectively

 How to manage time killer meetings

Module 4: Delegating Without Fear

 Delegating workload intelligently

 Learning to reject unnecessary pressure by not being a “yes” man

 The power of delegation and successful delegation

Module 5: Improve and Manage Your Daily Work Environment

 How to Handle Your In Tray/ Out Tray and Incoming Papers

 Be The Master of Your Own Time

 Instant Problem Solving and Good Decision Making Saves Time

 Managing your stress levels

 Reviewing tips for working on the move

Module 6: Plans To Consider

 Regular Health Checks

 Be in Charge of your Own Work load

 Plan Your Time Management for the future