Malaysia Import and Export Procedures

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(2 Days)


  • to enlighten the business organization particularly those involved in importation and exportation as to the relevant customs procedures.
  • to give participants an overview and an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the functions of the various shipping documents and the import and export procedures.
  • to provide both the practical and theoretical aspects of the latest and the most effective ways of doing import and export.

This program is suitable for Managers, Executives, Officers, Team / Line Leaders and Supervisors.


This is a highly interactive training program, whereby participants gain learning points through experiential activities.

Module 1: Overview of International Trade
  • International Trade Laws
  • International Trade Terms
  • International Shipping Terms

Module 2: Economic Operators
  • Port Operator
  • Shipping Company
  • Freight Forwarder
  • Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL)
  • Forwarding Agent
  • Container Haulier
  • Transport Company
  • Licensed Fumigator

Module 3: Regulatory Authorities and Border Agencies
  • Customs Department
  • Port Authority
  • Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)
  • Other Agencies

Module 4: Import and Export Controls
  • Customs Act and Regulations
  • Import Prohibition Order
  • Export Prohibition Order
  • Strategic Trade Act
  • Dangerous Goods
Module 5: Import Processes and Procedures
  • Typical Import Process Flow
  • Process Flow Chart for Imports

Module 6: Export Processes and Procedures
  • Typical Export Process Flow
  • Process Flow Chart for Exports

Module 7: Use of ICT in Import and Export Processes
  • Customs Information System (SMK)
  • National Single Window Initiative (myTradelink)
  • Port Community System
  • ASEAN Single Window (ASW)

Module 8: Best Practices
  • Import and Export Best Practice Checklist
  • Trade Practices
  • Supply Chain Security Awareness