Manufacturing Safety

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(2 Days)


  • · To educate and promote the crucial importance of safety awareness in the manufacturing environment
  • · Provide OSH awareness to all participants to ensure they understand the importance of being safe and healthy at the workplace
  • · To comply to the OSH Act 1994 , Sect 15, Employer duties & Sect 24, Employee duties
  • · To prevent accident and incidents from happening thus fatalities, injuries and occupational illnesses can be avoided
  • · Provide an overview on how Safety & Health at the workplace can be managed
  • · To protect people’s lives and prevent losses to property, plant, process and reputation


Managers, supervisors and workers in manufacturing environments who needs to be aware the importance of safety awareness and requirements in a manufacturing environment.


This program will be delivered using a dynamic mixture of lectures, practical case studies and group discussion

Module 1: Introduction And Ice Breaking Session
Module 2: Benefits & Objective Of Implementing The S & H Program
Module 3: OSH Law Background – OSHA 1994 7 FMA 1967
Module 4: Effectiveness Safety And Health Committee
Module 5: Safety And Health Policy Statement
Module 6: Unsafe Acts And Unsafe Conditions
Module 7: Accident Prevention, Investigation And Reporting
Module 8: Hazard Identification Risk Assessment & Risk Control (HIRARC)
Module 9: Practical: Hazard Finding & Risk Control
Module 10: Basic Safe Chemical Handling
Module 11: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Module 12: OHSAS Standard & Legal Requirement
Module 13: Objective Of Accident Prevention & Investigation
Module 14: What Is Accident Reporting?
Module 15: Accident Cause
Module 16: Accident Theory /Causation Model
Module 17: Basic Ergonomic
Module 18: Manual Handling
Module 19: Accident Action Plan & Determine The Facts
Module 20: Accident Prevention (Group Activity)
Module 21: Identify Hazard /Workplace Inspection
Module 22: Risk Control Procedure
Module 23: OSH Management System