Mastering Charts & Graphs in Excel

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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Create stunning data visualizations instantly with Excel 2013's new Recommended Charts
  • Use charts to instantly reveal trends, differences, and relationships
  • Quickly generate combo charts that once required complex, frustrating procedures
  • Use spark lines to imbue worksheets with more context and insight
  • Create Waterfall and Thermometer Charts.


Those who wish to Excel their knowledge in creating charts in a different type. And explore in-depth.


  • Knowledge in windows
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Power Point


Hands on creation and lab Exercises with simple case study.

Creating Chart in Microsoft Excel 2013
  • Creating 3-D Charts and Make as a Default
  • Creating Stacked Column Chart
  • Formatting Chart Plot Area and Chart Area
  • Save as a Template
  • Set as a Default chart
Charts that show Differences
  • Showing Component Comparisons
  • Adding a Second Series to Show a Comparison
  • Creating Waterfall Chart
Pie Charts
  • Creating Pie Charts
  • Rotating a Pie Charts
  • Highlighting One Slice of a Pie Chart
  • Creating Pie of Pie Chart
Creating Charts that show Relationships
  • Creating a Scatter Chart
  • Showing Scatter Chart Labels in Excel 2010
  • Joining the Points in a Scatter Chart with Lines
  • Adding a Third Dimension with a Bubble Chart
  • Using Paired Bar to Show Relationship
Advanced Chart Techniques
  • Mixing Two Chart Types on a Single Chart
  • Creating Bullet Chart
  • Creating a Thermometer Chart
  • Creating a Benchmark chart
  • Creating a Delta Chart
Visualization and other Non-chart Methods
  • Creating Chart Using Conditional Formatting
  • Creating chart using the REPT Function
Exporting Chart for Use Outside of Excel
  • Presenting Excel Chart in Power Point or Word
  • Copying a Chart as a picture
  • Presenting Chart on a Web
  • Converting to XPS or PDF