Microsoft Excel 2016 Foundation

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(2 Days)


  • Give participant a systematic understanding of a spreadsheet ad its benefits
  • Equip participant with essential skills of effectively utilizing spreadsheet software in a day-to-day business environment

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Getting Started with Microsoft Excel 2016, Identify the Elements and Interface of Excel
  • Performing Calculation, Basic Formula and Functions
  • Modify worksheet & Formatting Worksheet
  • Printing and managing large workbook


This course is designed for Clerks, Officers, Executives, Supervisors, Administrators, Managers of all levels; and personnel who already know and understand and want to further enhance their knowledge and practical uses of Microsoft Excel.



Basic knowledge of Windows is essential with the following pre-requisites:

  • Able to maneuver with the mouse – Point, Click, Drag and Double Click
  • Able to configure the desktop
  • Able to use the Control Panel
  • Able to move and re-size Application Windows
  • Able to switch between task applications


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercise

Lesson 1 – Getting Started with Microsoft Excel 2016

Topic A: Identify the Elements of the Excel Interface Microsoft Excel 2016

  • What are Spreadsheets, worksheets, and Workbooks
  • What are columns, Rows, Cells and Ranges
  • The Excel Interface
  • Navigation options
  • Creating a New Blank Workbook

Topic B: Create a Basic Worksheet

  • The Ribbon
  • The Backstage View
  • The Save and Save As Commands
Lesson 2 – Performing Calculations

Topic A: Create Formulas in a Worksheet

  • Excel Formulas
  • The Formula Bar
  • Elements of an Excel Formula
  • Basic Mathematical Operators (+, -, *, /)
  • The Order Of Operations

Topic B: Insert Functions in a Worksheet

  • Functions
  • The Functions Library
  • Common Functions in Excel
Lesson 3: Modifying a Worksheet

Topic A Manipulate Data

  • The Undo and Redo Commands
  • The Autofill Feature
  • AutoFill Options
  • The Cut, Copy, and Paste Commands
  • The Transpose Option
  • Live Preview
  • The Clear Button

Topic B: Insert, Manipulate, and Delete Cells, Columns, and Rows

  • The Insert and Delete Options
  • Column Width and Row Height Alternation Methods
  • The Hide and Unhide Options

Topic C: Search For and Replace Data

  • The Find Command
  • The Replace Command
  • Spell Check a Worksheet
Lesson 4: Formatting a Worksheet

Topic A: Modify Fonts

  • The Font Group
  • The Format Cells Dialog Box
  • The Format Painter
  • Galleries - Theme
  • Live Preview and Formatting
  • The Mini Toolbar

Topic B: Add Borders and Colors to cells

  • Border Options
  • Fill Options

Topic C: Apply Number Formats

  • Number Formats
  • Number Formats in Excel
  • Custom Number Formats

Topic D: Align Cell Contents

  • Alignment Options
  • The indent Commands
  • The Wrap Text Command
  • Orientation Options
  • The Merge & Center Options

Topic E: Apply Cell Styles

  • The Style Dialog Box
Lesson 5: Printing Workbook Contents

Topic A: Define the Basic Page Layout for a workbook

  • The Print Options in Backstage View
  • The Page Setup Dialog Box
  • The Print Preview Option
  • Workbook Views
  • Header and Footers
  • Header and Footer Settings
  • Page Margins
  • Margins Tab Options
  • Page Orientation

Topic B: Refine the Page Layout and Apply Print Options

  • Zoom Options
  • Page Breaks
  • Page Break Options
  • The Print Area
  • Print Titles
  • Scaling Options
Lesson 6: Managing Large Workbooks

Topic A: Format Worksheet Tabs

  • Renaming Worksheet Tabs
  • Changing Tab Color

Topic B: Manage Worksheets

  • Repositioning worksheets
  • Inserting or Deleting Worksheets
  • Hiding and Unhiding Worksheets
  • Worksheet References in Formulas

Topic C: Manage the View of Worksheet and Workbooks

  • The Freeze Panes Options