Microsoft Office Project 2016 Advanced

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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • View Network Diagram
  • Create a Dashboard
  • Format Team Planner Items
  • Allocate Work
  • Display Progress Lines
  • Enter Costs with the Resource Sheet
  • Use cost rate tables
  • Comparing Projects
  • Work with resource pool
  • Work with multiple projects
  • Rename Project Element


Clerks, Officers, Supervisors, Administrators, Executives, Managers and all personnel involved in Project Management



Basic knowledge of Project is essential with the following pre-requisites:

  • Have attended the Microsoft Project, Foundation & Intermediate level or;
  • Able to switch between task applications
  • Able to Show and Hide the Timeline
  • Able to Change the Task Calendar
  • Able to Set Lag and Lead Time
  • Able to Work with Deadlines and Constraints
  • Able to Sort and Filter Data
  • Able to Work with Calendar View
  • Able to Set Baseline or Interim Plan
  • Able to Clear Baseline or Interim Plan
  • Able to Check for Resource Conflicts
  • Able to Schedule Overtime
  • Able to Track Task Progress
  • Able to View Critical Path


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercise

Module 1 - Working With Network Diagrams
  • Viewing a Network Diagram
  • Changing the Network Diagram Layout
  • Formatting Boxes
  • Modifying Box Styles
Module 2 - Creating Reports
  • Creating a Built-In Report
  • Creating a Dashboard
  • Creating a Report from Scratch
  • Creating a Visual Report
Module 3 - Using The Team Planner
  • Opening the Team Planner
  • Formatting Team Planner Items
  • Resolving Unassigned Tasks
  • Allocating Work
Module 4 - Creating Progress Lines
  • Displaying Progress Lines
  • Interpreting Progress Lines
  • Editing Progress Lines
  • Formatting Progress Lines
  • Removing Progress Lines
Module 5 - Managing Project Costs
  • Setting Currency Options
  • Entering Costs with the Resource Sheet
  • Entering Costs with the Resource Information Dialog
  • Using Cost Rate Tables
  • Viewing Costs
  • Manually Updating Costs
Module 6 - Comparing Projects
  • Comparing Projects
  • Using the Compare Projects Tab
  • Analyzing the Results
  • Comparing Resources
Module 7 - Working With Resource Pools
  • Creating a Resource Pool from a Single Project
  • Creating a Resource Pool from Multiple Projects
  • Linking a Project to the Resource Pool
  • Unlinking a Project from a Resource Pool
  • Updating a Resource Pool
Module 8 - Working With Multiple Projects
  • Inserting Subprojects
  • Unlinking and Removing Subprojects
  • Consolidating Projects
  • Viewing Information about Inserted Projects
Module 9 - Using The Organizer
  • Opening the Organizer
  • Copying Project Elements
  • Renaming Project Elements
  • Deleting Project Elements