Microsoft Word 2013 Advanced

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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Work with Graphics, WordArt, SmartArt & Graph
  • Insert Screenshot and Screen Shots
  • Apply Artistic Effects to graphics
  • Apply Text Wrapping to within a Word Document
  • Repeat The Table Headings for Multiple-Page Tables
  • Manipulating Styles in a Word 2013
  • Create Tables of Contents
  • Compiling and Updating An Index
  • Adding Caption to a picture or table
  • Linking data from a document
  • Adding a Bookmark
  • Creating Cross-References
  • Tracking and Commenting a document


This course is designed for Clerks, Officers, Executives, Supervisors, Administrators, Managers of all levels; and personnel who already know and want to further enhance their knowledge and practical uses of Microsoft Word.


Basic knowledge of Word is essential with the following pre-requisites:

  • Have attended the Microsoft Word, Foundation & Intermediate level or;
  • Able to switch between task applications
  • Able to Convert the document to Word 2013 format
  • Able to Apply & Modify Multilevel List
  • Able to Insert a Section Break
  • Able to Apply different Header and Footer
  • Able to Perform Mail Merge using the Wizard
  • Able to Add Watermark to a Document
  • Able to Create Paragraph Style
  • Able to Insert, Edit and Remove Hyperlink
  • Able to Apply Columns formatting to a document
  • Able to Use Advanced Find and Replace Features
  • Able to Insert Table within a document


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercise

Using Graphics Within Microsoft Word
  • Types Of Graphics That You Can Insert Into Word 2013
  • Inserting Pictures
  • Inserting Online Pictures
  • Inserting Shapes
  • Inserting Smartart
  • Inserting A Chart
  • Modifying The Chart Type
  • Modifying The Chart Style
  • Modifying The Chart Data
  • Inserting A Screenshot
  • Selecting, Resizing And Deleting Graphics
  • Copying Or Moving Graphics

Advanced Picture Manipulation In Word 2013
  • Compatibility Mode & Picture Editing
  • Screen Shot Of Complete Application Window
  • Clipping Screen Shots
  • Screen Shots Using The Keyboard
  • Picture Tools
  • Removing A Background
  • Picture Corrections
  • Picture Colour
  • Picture Artistic Effects
  • Compressing Pictures
  • Resetting Pictures
  • Picture Styles
  • Picture Borders
  • Cropping A Picture

Text Wrapping And Pictures
  • Applying 'In Line' Picture Text Wrapping
  • Applying 'Square' Wrapping Picture Formatting
  • Applying 'Tight' Picture Wrapping
  • Applying 'Behind Text' Picture Wrapping
  • Applying 'In Front Of Text' Picture Wrapping
  • Applying Wrapping To An Autoshape
  • Applying Wrapping Formatting To A Chart
  • Applying Wrapping Formatting To A Photograph
  • Applying Wrapping Formatting To A Diagram
  • Text Wrapping Options Within Microsoft Word Tables

Using Captions Within Word 2013
  • Manually Adding A Caption To A Picture Or Table
  • Removing Captions
  • Changing The Caption Number Formatting

Advanced Table Manipulation Within Word 2013
  • Table Styles
  • Merging Cells Within A Table
  • Splitting Cells Within A Table
  • Modifying Cell Alignment
  • Modifying Cell Margins
  • Modifying Text Direction Within Cells
  • Repeating The Table Heading Row For Multi-Page Tables
  • Controlling Row Breaking Across Pages
  • Performing A Single Column Sort
  • Multilevel Sorting
  • Converting Delimited Text To A Table
  • Converting A Table To Text

Linking & Embedding
  • What Is Object Linking?
  • Linking Data From A Document As An Icon.
  • Updating A Linked Document.
  • Breaking The Link To A Document.
  • Linking And Displaying The Linked Object As An Icon.
  • Linking And Displaying The Actual Linked Data.
  • Updating Or Breaking An Application Link.
  • What Is Object Embedding?
  • Embedding Data Into A Document As An Object.
  • Editing Embedded Data.
  • Deleting Embedded Data

Manipulating Styles In Word 2013
  • What Are Styles?
  • Applying Styles
  • Types Of Styles
  • Creating A Paragraph Style
  • Creating A Character Style
  • Modifying A Style
  • Enabling Automatic Style Updating
  • Deleting A Style
Using A Tables Of Contents, Figures & Indexes
  • Creating A Table Of Contents
  • Updating A Table Of Contents
  • Creating And Updating A Table Of Figures
  • Marking An Index Entry
  • Marking An Index Sub-Entry
  • Compiling And Updating An Index
Word 2013 Bookmarks And Cross- References
  • Adding A Bookmark
  • Creating A Page Cross-Reference To A Bookmark
  • Creating A Cross-Reference To A Numbered Item
  • Deleting Cross-References
  • Deleting A Bookmark
Word 2013 Tracking And Comments
  • Tracking Changes
  • Accepting Or Rejecting Changes
  • Inserting Comments
  • Displaying And Editing Comments
  • Deleting Comments
  • Showing Or Hiding Comments