Microsoft Word 2016 Advanced

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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Share documents
  • Tracking and Commenting a document
  • Review a Document
  • Compare Document Changes
  • Manage Document References
  • Insert Cross-References
  • Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Compiling and Updating An Index
  • Insert Table of Contents
  • Insert Citations
  • Insert a Bibliography
  • Adding Caption to a picture or table
  • Linking data
  • Create Master and Subdocuments
  • Apply a Document Password
  • Create Forms


This course is designed for Clerks, Officers, Executives, Supervisors, Administrators, Managers of all levels; and personnel who already know and want to further enhance their knowledge and practical uses of Microsoft Word.


Basic knowledge of Word is essential with the following pre-requisites:

  • Have attended the Microsoft Word Foundation & Intermediate Level or;
  • Able to switch between task applications
  • Able to Insert a Table
  • Able to Sort Table Data
  • Able to Insert Section Breaks
  • Able to Perform Mail Merge
  • Able to Change Style Set
  • Able to Text Wrapping Styles
  • Able to Use the Screenshot tool
  • Able to Compress Image
  • Able to Insert Video Link
  • Able to Create SmartArt Graphic
  • Able to Create Mail Merge Document


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercises.

Module 1: Collaborating on Documents

Lesson 1.1: Modify User Information

  • Viewing File Properties
  • User Information

Lesson 1.2: Share a Document

  • Sharing Options
  • Presenting Documents Online
  • OneDrive
  • Configuring a Blog Account
  • Creating a Blog Post
  • Publishing a Blog Post

Lesson 1.3: Work with Comments

  • Inserting Comments
  • Editing Comments
  • Replying to Comments
  • Marking Comments Done
  • Navigating Through Comments
  • Deleting Comments

Lesson 1.4: Compare Document Changes

  • Legal Blackline
  • Comparison Settings
  • Accepting and Rejecting Changes

Lesson 1.5: Review a Document

  • Track Changes
  • Turn Track Changes On and Off
  • Markup Views
  • Track Changes Options
  • The Track Changes Indicator
  • Reviewing Changes

Lesson 1.6: Merge Document Changes

  • Combining Modifications from Multiple Reviewers
  • Revisions Pane
  • Resolving Style Conflicts

Lesson 1.7: Co-Author Documents

  • Sharing Documents Online
  • Editing a Shared File
  • Sharing Your Changes
Module 2: Adding Reference Marks and Notes

Lesson 2.1: Add Captions

  • Captions
  • Adding Captions
  • Caption Dialog Box

Lesson 2.2: Add Cross-References

  • Cross-References
  • Adding Cross-References
  • Cross-Reference Dialog Box
  • Updating Cross-References

Lesson 2.3: Add Bookmarks

  • Bookmarks
  • Adding Bookmarks
  • Bookmark Dialog Box
  • Bookmark Formatting Marks
  • Hidden Bookmarks

Lesson 2.4: Add Hyperlinks

  • Hyperlinks
  • Adding Hyperlinks
  • Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box
  • Options in the Link To Panel
  • Edit Hyperlink Dialog Box

Lesson 2.5: Insert Footnotes and Endnotes

  • Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Inserting Footnotes and Endnotes
  • The Footnote and Endnote Dialog Box
  • Navigating Using Reference Marks
  • ScreenTips for Footnotes and Endnotes

Lesson 2.6: Add Citations

  • Sources
  • The Source Manager Dialog Box
  • The Create Source Dialog Box
  • The Edit Source Dialog Box
  • Citations
  • Adding Citations
  • The Edit Citation Dialog Box
  • Citation and Bibliography Styles

Lesson 2.7: Insert a Bibliography

  • Bibliographies
  • Adding a Bibliography
  • Updating the Bibliography
Module 3: Simplifying and Managing Long Documents

Lesson 3.1: Insert Blank and Cover Pages

  • Inserting Blank Pages
  • Inserting Cover Pages

Lesson 3.2: Insert an Index

  • The Mark Index Entry Dialog Box
  • Index Entry Field Codes
  • The Index Dialog Box
  • The Open Index AutoMark File Dialog Box
  • The Concordance File
  • The Style Dialog Box
  • The Modify Style Dialog Box
  • Updating the Index

Lesson 3.3: Insert a Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • The Table of Contents Dialog Box
  • The Add Text Option
  • The Mark Table of Contents Entry Dialog Box
  • Updating a Table of Contents

Lesson 3.4: Insert an Ancillary Table

  • Ancillary Tables
  • The Table of Figures Dialog Box
  • Table of Authorities
  • The Mark Citation Dialog Box
  • The Table of Authorities Dialog Box
  • Field Code for a Marked Citation

Lesson 3.5: Manage Outlines

  • Outline View
  • Outline Symbols
  • Outline View Tools
  • Creating an Outline
  • Promoting and Demoting Sections

Lesson 3.6: Create a Master Document

  • Master Documents
  • Benefits of Master Documents
  • Creating a Master Document
  • Creating Subdocuments
  • Master Document Group
  • Managing Subdocuments
Module 4: Securing a Document

Lesson 4.1: Suppress Information

  • Suppress Sensitive Information
  • Hidden Text
  • Remove Personal Information from a Document
  • The Document Inspector Dialog Box

Lesson 4.2: Set Editing Restrictions

  • Mark as Final
  • The Restrict Editing Task Pane
  • Protected View

Lesson 4.3: Add a Digital Signature to a Document

  • Digital Certificates
  • Digital Signatures
  • The Signature Line
  • Digitally Signing a Document
  • The Signatures Task Pane
  • Requested Signatures
  • Valid Signatures

Lesson 4.4: Restrict Document Access

  • Applying a Document Password
  • Changing the Document Password
  • Removing the Document Password
Module 5: Forms

Lesson 5.1: Create Forms

  • Forms
  • Plan a Form
  • The Controls Group
  • Form Controls
  • Design Mode
  • Legacy Tools
  • Form Field Options
  • Toggling Form Field Shading
  • Clearing Entered Data from Form Fields
  • Protecting a Form

Lesson 5.2: Manipulate Forms

  • Modifying a Control’s Title Tab
  • Adding Help Contents to Form Fields

Lesson 5.3: Form Data Conversion

  • Save Form Data as a Text File
  • How Data is Saved
  • Linking the Form to a Database
  • Modifying Tab Order