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(1 Days)


Suitable for all levels who needs to be aware of OSHA and general safety measures to be adhered to in the workplace


Slide presentation, practical exercise, case study, video presentation

Module 1: Historical Perspective of OSH Legislation & Important OSH Definitions

· Overview of objectives OSHA 1994

· Spirit of OSHA 1994

· Guiding principles

Module 2: General Duties Of Employers And Self-Employed Persons

· Overview of duties of employer according OSHA 1994

· Penalty for offence

Module 3: General Duties Of Employees

· Overview of general duties of employee according OSHA 1994

· Penalty for offence

Module 4: Safety And Health Organisations

· Medical surveillance

· Safety and Health officer

· Establishment of safety & health committee

· Functions of Safety and Health Committee

Module 5: Notification Of Accidents, Dangerous Occurrence, Occupational Poisoning And Occupational Diseases And Inquiry

· Brief about notification of accidents, dangerous occurrence, occupational poisoning & occupational diseases, & inquiry

Module 6: Enforcement and Investigation

· General description of power for officer

· Power of forceful entry and service on occupier of signed copy of list of things seized from premises

· Further provisions in relation to inspection

· Power of investigation

· Power to examine witnesses

· Offences in relation to inspection

· Improvement notice and prohibition notice

Module 7: Liability For Offences

· General penalty

· Defense

· Body corporate or trade union liable to fine

· Aiding and abetting

· Compounding of offences

Module 8: Closing

Question and answer session