Passion For Sales - Sales Mindset, Attitude & Motivation Workshop

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(2 Days)


After attending this course, participants will be able to achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand the much needed mind-set, attitude and motivation in SALES
  • Learn to discover the impact of great mind-set, attitude and motivations in SALES
  • Understand what motivates oneself and how to use it in SALES
  • Improve active listening techniques to better understand the clients
  • Handle objections professionally and effectively
  • Master highly effective closing sales


“The need to move to the next level begins with the end in mind…Passion for Sales"

To focus on the PASSION for SALES, the 1st step would be to have the RIGHT Mind-Set, Attitude & Motivation. In the present competitive and challenging business world, Sales Training helps to develop your innate sales instincts, improve sales, promote customer loyalty, and assist in achieving targets which leads to more profit.


The method of learning would include Content Based / materials, Audio/ visual aids, Working models, Case studies / role plays and Feedback / sharing


This course suitable for Sales Executives, Senior Sales Executives, Assistant Sales Managers and Sales Managers

The Right VALUES & Attitude In Sales
Sales Knowledge
Basic Sales Skills
Advance Skills In Sales
Using DiSC In Understanding Human Behavior
DiSC In Sales