Performance Management For Managers And Supervisors

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Managing performance is an integral part of the business process. For many business leaders the view that the organization competitive edge comes from managing its technology and markets well, however the ability to manage these, you need the right people who are able to manage performance, and manage these areas competently. Managing performance, conducting the performance review and giving feedback are integral to the success of Performance Management. And is the business tool to achieve your corporate strategy and business targets.

This program is designed to strengthen the line managers’ and supervisors’ skills and confidence to be able to deal with all levels of performers more effectively, be it the high, average, low, under or non-performers so they can deliver results.

  • Understand how leadership style and climate affect performance of employees
  • To be able identify the different types of performers and apply the right actions needed to motivate them to deliver results
  • Shift the mindset of the line managers - from ‘bad guy’ to ‘good guy’ in building poor performers
  • Understand the importance of feedback and various approaches to deal with poor or non-performance
  • Comprehend the importance of coaching and learn basic elements of coaching models: GROW, WDEP, EARS and be able to apply coaching and practice.
  • Engage in EQ to improve understanding interpersonal skills, building rapport, listening asking questions to fully interact with direct reports / employees.

Those involved in managing people and their performance to deliver results. Heads of Departments, Head of Units, Managers, Line managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders who want to improve in managing the performance of their direct reports


Presented via interactive lecture, practical hands-on activities, group discussion, case study and role plays.

Module 1: Managing Performance
  • A HR Activity?
  • Impact of External factors on Performance Management
  • Know your Leadership styles [Authoritarian (iron Clad), Democratic (participative), Delegating (Laissez faire). Facilitative, Transactional, Coaching, etc.] and the impact on your direct reports.
  • Creating the right organization climate
Module 2: Dealing with Poor and Non Performers
  • Do we need to track poor performance
  • How to deal with Non performers
  • Understanding their motives or personal drivers
  • Using EQ (Emotional Intelligence) to better understand others
Module 3: Giving Feedback or Getting Feedback
  • Honest feedback and how to avoid the pitfalls
  • Being honest in giving feedback
  • Feedback for Improvement
  • Feedback for non / poor performance
Module 4: Developing Managers To Manage People And Performance
  • Various strategies to manage your workforce
  • Tools to manage performers
  • Importance of coaching, some coaching models: GROW, WDEP, EARS; when to apply coaching and practice coaching
Module 5: Factors Affecting Performance
  • Communicate to set the direction to your direct reports
  • Know the factors that contribute to good performance management and how to avoid it or eliminate the impact
  • Key elements to conduct the performance conversation
Module 6: What’s Next
  • Wrap up and summary of key learning
  • Your next actions
  • Evaluation