Personal Leadership & Inner Mastery, Outer Impact: Bridging The Difference For Highest Performance

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(2 Days)


· Bringing out one’s potentials

· Leveraging on key strengths and working on weakness

· Prepare, reconcile and analyze teamwork traits

· To understand and strategize based on time management matrix

· Know the building blocks for key personal development for career development

· Working in line with company’s vision for corporate excellence

· Be familiar with the motivation model and how to optimize one’s motivation level

· Comprehend the importance of knowing how to manage stress at workplace for high productivity of work performance

· Recognize that personal leadership is an important key factor for individual excellence


Those interested in developing themselves in both personal and organizational capacity for long term benefit


Presented via interactive lecture, practical hands-on activities, group and individual presentations

Module 1: Key Principles and Concepts of Personal Leadership

· What is a Social Mirror?

· Why the Need to Understand Personal Leadership?

· Key Principles of Personal Leadership

Module 2: Understanding Oneself

· Personal SWOT

· Me, Family & My Career

· 5 Year Goal

Module 3: Time Management Principles

· Key Principles of Time Management

· Monocronic vs Polychronic

· Steven Covey’s Time Management Matrix

Module 4: Understanding Personality

· What is Personality?

· Leveraging on Key Strengths

· Working with People of Different Personalities

Module 5: Internalising One For Personal & Organizational Achievement

· Working in a Team

· Understanding Corporate Culture

· Dealing with Personal Stress

· Evaluation oneself