Practical Costing Technique For Supervisor And Executive

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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Obtain a review on activity-based costing
  • Acquire an in-depth knowledge on marginal costing and break-even analysis
  • Understanding the practical aspects of costing
  • Comprehend the ROI analysis both for specific projects and general business situations
  • Go back to jobs and apply techniques learned to better use systems already in place, or to help implement new systems


This program is suitable for Supervisor, Executives, Officer, and Team Leader who are involved in accountings and costing.

Level for Executives and above


This stimulating program will maximizes the understanding and learning through Lectures, presentations and discussions with participants, and follow up with hands-on exercises and discussions.

  • Module 1: Cost Concept And Behaviours
  • Module 2: Strategic Costing Management
  • Module 3: Cost Profit Volume Analysis
  • Module 4: Cost Profit Volume Analysis (Continuation)
  • Module 5: Profit Planning Decision
  • Module 6: Cost Monitoring And Control
  • Module 7: Performance Evaluation