Principles of Marketing

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It is more vital than ever for staff to harness the power of marketing that will align their work related activities around a sound understanding of the marketplace and marketing concepts that is underpinned by a strong focus on customer centricity.

This program will cover an overview of customer centricity and the importance of embracing customer centricity by all staff members. It will also introduce the key marketing concepts and principles, whilst cutting through the jargons and misconceptions that often serve to confuse understanding of the discipline. It will highlight the supporting roles played by marketing staff members to ensure marketing success.

  • Understand the core essence of customer centricity and importance of becoming a customer centric staff member to ensure a company with marketing soul / culture to create sustainable competitive advantage
  • Gain an overview of marketing and key marketing concepts such as segmentation, targeting, positioning and the 7Ps which combine to make up the marketing tools
  • Gain knowledge on real-life applications of marketing tools through discussions and review of industry best practices and success stories
  • Identify the role played by marketing staff member to support organization growth and customer outcomes championed
  • Gain personal development and career growth opportunities through better knowledge and skills applications of marketing that can increase their personal effectiveness

Selected executives that need to know how to harness the power of marketing in their business.


This highly interactive program will use videos, case studies, exercises and group work and discussions, which will be supplemented with lectures and worksheets.

Module 1: The Core Essence Of Customer Centricity And The Importance Of Embracing Customer Centricity
Module 2: Marketing: An Overview
Module 3: Segmentation, Targeting And Positioning Strategies
Module 4: Marketing Tools: Applications of 7Ps – Review of Best Practices
  • Product and Branding
  • Pricing @ Value
  • Place : Applying Effective Channel Strategies
  • Marketing Communication and Promotion options, including the Web
  • People : Driving Customer Relationship towards practicing Relationship Based Marketing
  • Physical Evidence : Creating The Right Experience
  • Process : Ensuring Service Quality
Module 5: Implications For Marketing Team Members
Module 6: Post Training Applications