Professional Business Writing Skills

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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Avoid common grammatical mistakes
  • Write in a clear, concise style
  • Get your message across convincingly
  • Give your business documents that final polish before you send them
  • Understand how to organize business documents appropriately and logically

Considering the writing style, tone and language for different purposes of writing and audiences


Most people write emails or letters on a daily basis as well as occasional reports, meeting summaries, minutes or other business correspondence. Learn how to create business documents that say what you mean and achieve the results you want. This course not only covers the basics of how to improve your writing skills but also how to achieve the right result from your written correspondence.


  • Are required to write internal or external emails on a regular basis
  • May be required to write standard reports
  • Are looking to improve their business writing proficiency for a range of documents
  • Feel that their writing can be improved through a better understanding of the key principles and avoidance of common errors
  • Are looking to write more professionally, accurately and clearly


This program uses:

  • videos to illustrate each behaviour type
  • case studies
  • role plays
  • group discussion

so that can easily apply the techniques to your current work environment

  • The Writing Process
  • Effective Communication Criteria 7c’s
  • Define Purpose Of Writing
  • The 5w’s
  • Knowing Your Reader(S)
  • Reader Sensitivity
  • The Direct Approach To Giving Bad News
  • Readability, Tone And Style
  • Considerate Writing
  • Developing An Appropriate Tone In Internal Emails
  • Using Clear, Familiar Words
  • Coherence And Unity In Business Texts
  • Writing In Plain English
  • Writing Clearly
  • Adding Emphasis In Business Writing
  • Writing Concisely
  • Using Action Verbs In Business Writing
  • Paragraphs & Words Per Sentence
  • Parallel Form In Business Writing
  • Coordinating
  • Correlative Conjunctions
  • Lists
  • Presentation Styles And Layouts
  • Etiquettes Of Email Writing
  • Review Your Writing
  • Proofreading Guidelines
  • Revising To Improve The Content And Sentence Structure
  • Proofreading To Correct Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Format And Mechanics
  • Evaluating To Analyze Whether The Message Achieves Its Purpose
  • Analysis Of Business Documents