Professional Presence at the Workplace

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(2 Days)


· Understanding the ‘Framing of Life Corners’: Career – Family – Wellness – Spiritual.

· Understanding ‘My Personality’ can build or hinder my personal and working relationships

· Developing the right social skills you need to create a positive image, and gaining respect for yourself at work and in your personal life (family and friends)

· Realize that you do have a CHOICE of how you want your Personal & Work Life to be: Acceptance – Take Initiative to Change or Let It Go (Leave it Behind)

· Aware of your strengths and weakness (personal SWOT) analysis

· Practicing positive strategies to overcome your shortcomings

· Power-Up your Interpersonal skills to Engage with people

· Develop Goal-Setting – Your Sense of Direction


For all executive levels


· Interactive guided learning through power of experience sharing

· Personality profiling

· Exploratory discussion

· Practical exercises

Module 1: Mastering Self-Leadership

· Frame the 4-corners of your Life

o Let’s explore what each corner means to you

· My Personality – D O P E

o Self-Evaluation to analyze your personality:

§ Complacent Amicable; Ego Expressive; Stable Analytical; Dominant Driver

o Working within your personality – Modifying it to manage others’ personalities; Get Along to Get Ahead!

· Exercise: Meeting & Engaging the Four Personalities in a day

Module 2: How to Project Confidence, Competence, and Credibility at Work

· Role of Good Manners In Life & Business

o Relationships between good manners, values, and attitudes

· Make First Impression: Lasting Positive Impression

o INSIDE OUT – From Head to Toe

§ Attitude

§ Posture


§ Grooming

§ Dress/Personal Style

Exercise: What Image do you project right now? Your Image Objectives

· Contemporary Business/Social Behavior

o “In private watch your thoughts; in your family watch your temper and conduct; in society watch your tongue”

· The Non-Verbal Language of Presence: Posture, Handshake, Eye Contact, etc.

o Projecting Energy, Confidence, and Professionalism

Exploratory discussion: Factual Finding Journey = Self Discovery

Module 3: Finding Your Purpose In life & Work

· What is Purpose? Purpose = Passion!

Exercise: Discover Your Passion – Mind Map It.

· Do you wear masks to hide your passion?

o Mask #1: Busyness

o Mask #2: What will other people think?

o Mask #3: I’m not ………enough

o Mask #4: Fear

o Mask #5: Having Mode

· Uncover these masks

o Overcome the shortcomings with positive strategies

o Living a life guided by purpose – Your Success is the quality of your

· Invest in yourself

o Both happiness and change must come from within

o Ten Attitudes of Self-Esteem

Module 4: The Power to Be Your Best: The Joy Comes From The Journey

· Applying EI (Emotional Intelligence)

o What is EI?

§ Are you capable of Emotional Competence”

§ Four components of EI: Self-Awareness; Self-Management; Social Awareness; Relationship Management

§ Areas where higher EI causes better performance

o Self-Assessment Exercise: What is YOUR EI?