Project Conflict Management Workshop

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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to :

  • Understand the reasons that create conflict
  • Better assessment of conflict situations
  • Enhanced ability to prevent conflict situation
  • Ability to resolve conflict in the work place


Management is about getting things done through other people. With people being at the centre of all project management and economic activities, it is imperative for managers to understand people and their general tendencies so that they can communicate with their team more effectively since it has been known that more than 90% of managers' time is spent on communicating with people.

Sources of conflict in a project environment may relate to resources and people. Conflicts in the work place is common and it is not so much that conflict is harmful for the organisation, it can sometimes in fact be good but when they arise, they should e recognised and positive steps taken to resolve it. The more stakeholders are involved in the process, the more complicated they can become.

People have personalities with it their own set of beliefs, values, cultural / educational backgrounds, prejudices, preferences, likes and dislikes and a host of many other factors that make us who we are. As a result, conflicts invariably occur when these differences are profound and the team is neither aware of it or were not prepared for them.

Managers need to ensure substantive and emotional conflicts at work are managed well so that the intensity of conflict are moderated. When properly managed, functional conflicts can be constructive in terms of stimulating greater performance, cooperation and even creativity.

On the other hand, management researches have also found that too little or too much conflicts at work become dysfunctional. They can become destructive as they promote complacency, low performance and general lack of creativity at work.

When managers recognised these phenomenons, they will be better informed and hence better enabled to identify the factors that can be employed to resolve conflicts and issues. This enhances the work environment for the team to perform better, cooperate more willingly and more creatively.

This programme is intended for all levels of managers who are entrusted with people at all levels and in all industries particularly those in a project environment in both the private as well as in the public sector.


This course is specially design for CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, C level executives, Project managers & Team leaders, Division, Line, Departmental managers and Senior managers

Level for Team Leaders and above


This program will be conducted with Lectures, Use of Case studies, Practical Exercises, Participative Interactive learning

Context Of Conflict Management
  • Sources of Conflicts
  • The Project Environment

Differentiating Conflicts
  • Substantive conflicts
  • Emotional Conflicts
  • Approaches to Resolution

Impact Of Conflicts At Work
  • Functional Conflicts
  • Dysfunctional Conflicts

Root Causes For Conflicts
  • The Resource Issues
  • The People Issues

Conflicts Arising From Interpersonal Styles
  • The Leadership Style
  • The Personality Profile
  • Appropriate Approach at different Team Development Stage

Conflict Management Case Studies